Beware of Empower’s Dh1050 late payment fee

Beware of Empower’s Dh1050 late payment fee

On 5th Jan 2019, our user wrote:

Beware of the late payment fee from Empower. While the usual bill value from Empower is in the range of 300-400 for my 1 bedroom apartment in Discovery gardens, Empower handed me a fine of AED 1050 as late payment fee. They disconnected the AC cooling connection and left my family without AC until the fine was paid up. They call this late payment fee as reconnection charge, but its all the same nevertheless. A 1050dh fine for late payment of a 400dh bill is outrageous.

Once I noticed this reconnection fee, I contacted the customer care and explained that the bill payment was delayed to salary delays from my company and that a 1050dh fine would be impossible to pay at that time. But they kept referring to the user agreement which I signed while signing up and said they cannot do anything about it.

One option they offered is to change the connection over from the house owner’s name to my name, by paying some odd 2000dh and they would cancel the 1050dh fee. Doesn’t make sense to get into deeper payment of 2000dh to clear a 1000dh fine. And there is literally no advantage of changing the connection into tenant’s name.

All said and done, I had to pay off the Dh1050 fine (aka reconnection fee) to get the AC line connected again. Guess they might send people in Lamborghinis to do the reconnection to justify the 1050 charge. Nearly a month later, a related topic arose on my friends circle and was shocked to see the number of people who got slapped with this fine. Be aware people. Do not waste your hard earned money by paying this “reconnection” fee to Empower. Stay alert with the bill dates and pay off the Empower bills on time within the due date.

– Anonymous Discovery Garden resident and Empower user

Editor: This story holds water as the reconnection fee is listed on Empower’s website. Be alert with the due dates.

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  1. Beware of ad regarding wife horified or additional income in less than 20 minutes likewise for online trading.
    this is fraud and you will end up with heavy financial loss. Online company like 70Trades cheated thousands of Dollars by giving false promise to the public.

  2. Yes, It’s true and also even after disconnection they will bill the minimum charges for the apartment. Even though you don’t have the service you’re forced to pay it.

  3. worst company in the UAE and they are scammers (empower) they literally force u to have their service which is a monopoly scheme run by the locals.

  4. Totally agree ! I’m hoping to be able to raise a case against them ! Nowhere have I signed I should stay stuck with this service provider ! Hence, why can I not cancel my contract ?!

  5. YES INDEED! EMPOWER is the worst company a very corrupt one trying to fool you by giving intimation of disconnection only to find out that you already got disconnected, even a 5 dhs balance overdue if not fully paid on due date they will disconnect it obliging you to pay AED 1050 for reconnection fee. This company should be penalized on this inhumane process, they should at least consider that you have a deposit with them.

    I AM SO ANNOYED requesting them to reconnect it as I have a sick child and it’s summer time where the weather is 48 degrees, still they will not consider it. I hope UAE Government will look into this, DEWA and other utility services doesn’t have the same policies as them, only EMPOWER and it’s really penalizing the customer.

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