Bastakia Old Town: What is inside / Attractions

Bastakia Old Town: What is inside / Attractions

Bastakia Old Town is one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai, Address, Hours and location

Address: 1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard,Downtown Dubai, UAE

Day Timing: Monday to Sunday : 9 AM to 6 PM

What is included/attraction in Bastakia Old Town

  • Dar Al Nadwa

This structure dates back to the nineteenth century. Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad Farooq built the building in 1925, and it is 463 square meters in size.

  • Gallery Majlis

This building was built in 1930 and covers an area of 400 square meters. Later, in the year 2002, it was renovated.

  • XVA hotel

Head to this hotel if you want to stay in Dubai’s Bastakia quarter. The building, which has two floors, was restored in 2003.

  • Bastakia night restaurant

This is an intriguing restaurant in Dubai’s Al Bastakia neighborhood where you can dine.

  • Sahara gate

This building in Al Bastakia in Old Dubai was built in 1954 and covers an area of 310 square meters.

  • Grand Mosque

It was originally built in 1900 but was demolished and rebuilt in 1960. This mosque is well-known throughout the world for allowing both Muslims and non-Muslims to preach inside.

  • Hajar Mountains

The long-awaited Al-Hajar Mountains are located in the north-eastern part of Oman and are the highest mountain range in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Creekside Park

This Creek Park features lush greenery, waterslides, a children’s play area, and numerous chic restaurants.

Nearby Bus Stops

Nearby Metro Station

  • M2




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