Affected by Rain in Dubai?: Useful tips to Save, Medical & Food Assistance

Affected by Rain in Dubai?: Useful tips to Save, Medical & Food Assistance

Affected by Rain in Dubai?: Check out these tips to save yourself, Medical & Food  assistance

Because of the heavy rainfall in Dubai-UAE, there are heavy losses for most of the people, transport, government. We are all waiting for the normal operations in Dubai. Seeking towards the positive approach, here are some tips to keep you in safe environment

Check out these tips to save yourself from the flood, diseases

  1. Avoid going outside unless it is very important to travel.
  2. Check the RTA travel planner app to know the RTA Bus, Metro Timings
  3. Do not let your child play outside in the flood water as it is contaminated with many substances. Kids are suffering with vomiting and diarrhea, rashes, gastric trouble.
  4. Drink hot water until the situation become normal
  5. Keep yourself hygienic. Use sanitizer, soap
  6. Use mosquito repellent to prevent from the insects.
  7. Wear Long Sleeved dresses
  8. Wear Masks if possible to avoid getting cold and cough
  9. Keep basic tablets for fever, cold and cough.
  10. Do not consume tap water until the situation becomes normal and use boiled water

What should you do if your car is drowned in water? Get damaged certificate

*If your car is damaged due to the rain, you can get the damaged certificate (TWIMC) from Dubai Government / Police to claim the insurance.

Do not start the car if it is drowned in the rain water as the engine will get damage when you start. You can file and claim the insurance after getting TWIMC certificate from Dubai Police

Food and Medical Assistance

There are many volunteers who is helping for the donation, distribution of the food. Government also set up the food camp and medical camp in many places to help people suffering indoor.


Stay Indoor!!! Stay Safe!!! UAE Government is working with necessary steps to make the condition to be normal

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