20 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020

20 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020

Here are 20 New Year Resolutions / things to try out in the upcoming new year.

1. Get an annual health checkup

When was the last time you went for annual checkup? It is always a safe practice to an annual checkup to avoid any unwanted surprises.

2. Read a Book

Brush up your reading list and start reading a book. Try an eBook if you find a physical book difficult to carry around. Mobile phone screens have now become big enough to read ebooks.

3. Delete unnecessary apps in your phone

Remove apps that you are no longer using. Also, try deleting some of the apps that you are addicted to, then enjoy your freedom.

4. Try shopping at a Flea Market

Try out a local flea market for a change instead of shopping at malls. Dubai Flea market conducts a Flea Market in Dubai almost every week. Check out their website for upcoming events.

5. Cleanup your Music Library

Spend some time and go through your music library. Clear out some of the songs that you have started to hate, plus you might discover new songs that you might want to download when you are going through the list. Refresh your music collection for a new listening experience in the new year.

6. Reduce your debt

Take a resolution to reduce your debts in 2020, whether it is a credit card, loan or a mortgage, try to pay something extra in 2020 towards your debt and reduce the burden.

7. Cleanup your  inbox

Target to achieve zero unread messages in your email, sms and Whatsapp inboxes. Either mark all messages as read or read through all unread messages. Either way, start the new year with a fresh inbox.

8. Stop one bad habit

Snacking heavily, smoking or tardiness (being late) ? Take a resolution to stop atleast one bad habit in the new year and follow it strictly.

9. Limit screen time

Set a daily limit for your entertainment screentime – TV, iPad or Phone and use the time more productively on improving yourself or by doing a health workout.

10. Exercise Daily

No need to hit the gym. Just do 20-40 squats and 20-40 planks at home. Walk outside for 30min and get some fresh air. Your future self will thank you for picking up a daily health routine.

11. Track your expenses

Do an exercise and track your expenses for a month, in January. Figure out where you spend your money and take hard decisions before February about what are the things that out might want to change in your spending habits. It also helps if you can set a budget and follow it.

12. Save 10% of your income

Before spending money, take 10% of your monthly income and save it somewhere safe. It can be invested in low risk mutual funds or in a fixed deposit. When this money grows, it will give you confidence to do more in life.

13. Call parents, siblings and your close friends

Be the person who makes the call. Setup a plan to call a certain list of people once a month on Fridays and follow through. Your relationships will become more engaging.

14. Drink more water

Resolve to drink more water daily. Drinking an adequate quantity of just water helps in keeping the body functioning properly and helps in proper metabolism as well as cleaning out the toxins (detoxification).

15. Spend less on stuff, more on experiences

Buyer’s remorse is a very common thing. Spend money on doing things rather than buying stuff.

16. Be eco-friendly

Avoid plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cups. Buy stuff in large quantities, meaning less containers/packaging going to the landfill. Each dirham you spend is a vote. Vote for eco-friendly choices.

17. Spend more time in the Sun

In UAE, Vitamin D deficiency affects a large number of residents. By spending as small as 20 minutes per day under sunlight, you can make up for your daily dose of Vitamin D.

18. Create a First-Aid kit

Do this if you already haven’t done. At the minimum, have the following:

  • Band aids
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Dressing Gauze
  • Scissors

19. Try out Podcasts

Install Castbox and subscribe to some topics that you wish to learn or follow. The podcasts will get automatically downloaded and you can listen to them offline, while driving or travelling in metro or bus.

20. Reduce your sugar intake

It is often difficult to cut out sugar completely. Reduce the sugar in your coffee by half or 1 spoon and stick to it. Avoid sugar wherever possible. Be conscious of your daily calorie intake.

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