UAE’s Central Bank Launches Sanadak: Complaint Portal for Financial and Insurance Institutions

The UAE Central Bank formed “Sanadak,” an independent financial arm, to handle consumer complaints against registered insurance and financial organizations at no cost to the consumer.

What is the eligibility to register a complaint with Sanadak?

This clear guidance explains our complaint acceptance standards and the grounds for a possible rejection. Requirements for filing a complaint against an insurance company or licensed financial institution (LFI).

Sanadak can receive complaints about the following actions taken by a Licensed Financial Institution (LFI) or Insurance Company:

  • The offering by the Insurance Company or LFI of a service or product or the provision of a service or product.
  • The complainant may have been denied a specific service or product because the LFI or Insurance Company discriminated against them based on their gender, race, or social or family standing.
  • A complaint alleging that an LFI or insurance company engaged in dishonest, fraudulent, unfair, or deceptive behavior, resulting in financial loss or injury to the complainant.
  • In case the insurance company rejects any natural calamities cover, kindly register a complaint within 5 days from rejection.

What are the rejection criteria?

In the following situations, Sanadak may reject complaints pertaining to an Insurance Company or Licensed Financial Institution (LFIsu):

  • Before bringing the complaint to Sanadak, the consumer did not file an official complaint with the relevant LFI or Insurance Company.
  • The customer did not wait the full thirty days after filing the complaint with the insurance company or the LFI.
  • Similar complaints are made.
  • A court of law is handling a consumer complaint.
  • A complaint is not within the regulatory purview of the Central Bank.
  • The complaint has a substantial connection to the internal pricing policy, risk management, or anti-money laundering procedures of an LFI or insurance company.
  • The complainant and the LFI or Insurance Company have already reached a settlement on the complaint.

How do I submit a complaint to Sanadak?

The following is the process: Log on to the website.

1. Identify the complaint

  • Firstly, the specific nature and category of the complaint must be determined.

2. Try to resolve the issue with the insurance provider or authorized financial institution.

  • Initially, try to directly resolve your complaint with the insurance provider or financial institution in question.

3. Select the submission method

  • Choose the most effective way to file a complaint with Sanadak: online, through a mobile application, over the phone, or in person.

4. Provide the details of the complaint

  • Provide the details of the complaint, together with any pertinent paperwork and a concise description.

5. Await Sanadak’s response

  • After reviewing your application, Sanadak will respond back.



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