UAE Teacher Shortlisted For $1m Global Prize

UAE Teacher Shortlisted For $1m Global Prize

Teachers have an unprecedented role in shaping the future generation. This year the Varkey Foundation has announced the selection of the inaugural round of awardees for the “Global Teacher Prize” to recognize teachers doing exceptional work across the globe. While more than 10,000 educators were nominated for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2019, an An Abu Dhabi teacher has made heads turn by being shortlisted. This UAE teacher shortlisted for $1m global prize is Rashed Hashem.

$1m Global Prize by Varkey Foundation

The Global Teacher Prize was set up by Varkey Foundation to recognise an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession, as well as to shed light on the important role teachers play in society. The award is intended to celebrate a profession that is often underpaid and under resourced. While this award is now in its fifth year, it is worth US$1 million.

Top 50 Finalists For $1m Global Prize


From teaching in remote mountain villages and inner-city schools to teaching in some of the poorest and most violent regions in the world, the top 50 finalists are changing the lives of students around the world. The top 50 finalists included teachers who had peace-building skills and who advocated need for changing curriculums in their countries and integrating migrants into classrooms. Nonetheless, they are all champions for change and inspire students and communities around them. The teachers who have been shortlisted for the prize have been selected from over 10,000 nominations from 179 countries including India, Nepal, Poland, Colombia and Palestine. The winner will be announced at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai on March 24.

Rashed Hashem Shortlisted For $1m Global Prize

An Abu Dhabi teacher who dedicated his life to improving learning through non-traditional methods has been shortlisted for the best teacher in the world prize. Rashed Hashem, an Emirati physical education and health teacher at Al Moatasem Public School for boys in Baniyas, has been included in the top 50 shortlist for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2019. He works in a school in a relatively poor Emirati area and his contribution to the profession has been through equipping non-traditional learning environments to improve pupil’s learning levels through mobility. Rashed Hashem has established innovative non-traditional educational laboratories at the Zayed Centre for the Mind Industry, the first educational centre of its kind in the Middle East. He is also the first Emirati teacher appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations.


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