UAE Long-term Visas: Get Five-year Visa for just Dh650 and Ten-year Visa for Dh1,150 only

UAE Long-term Visas: Get Five-year Visa for just Dh650 and Ten-year Visa for Dh1,150 only

While the UAE Cabinet had approved and announced the long term visas earlier this year, it has started implementing them. Recently, the charges for new long-term and multi-entry visas were rolled out and amazingly the UAE residency visa with 10-year validity can now be obtained for as low as Dh1,150. Also, the five-year-visa will cost only Dh650.

Long term Visas

Investors, entrepreneurs, students, retirees and specialists working in fields of medicine, science or research will be eligible for a 10 or 5-year residency visa depending on the size of their investment in the UAE.

Ten-year Visa

UAE residents can now get their hands on 10 year visa, and to do so it will cost them only AED1,150. This new scheme was announced by the government on Sunday, although not everybody can take advantage just yet. It will be available for investors or their senior employees, as well as exceptional talents and researchers in various scientific, medical and knowledge fields. Also researchers coming into the UAE will be able to secure longer term single entry visas, which last up to 180 days and cost AED1,100, giving them the opportunity to spend 6 months here exploring opportunities in the emirate. Family members of the applicants can also avail 10 year visas at the same cost. So those falling in the approved categories can apply to issue or renew the 10-year visa for Dh1,150 (Dh150 for the application and Dh1,000 for issuance).

Vasudev Shroff, the first Indian business leader to receive 10-year UAE Resident Visa

Vasu Shroff, Chairman of the Regal Group of Companies along with Khushi Khatwani, Managing Director of the Khushi Group of Companies and Al Nisr Cinema Film, became the first Indians to get the 10-year long-term visa. Their families including wife, children and grandchildren too got the new long term visas.


Benefits of Ten-year Visa

  • Visa charges are affordable compared to other developed countries
  • All family members benefit by getting the visas
  • Great initiative by the government to retain and attract investors
  • Best medium to attract the best global talented scientists and innovators

First 10-year UAE Residency Visas Granted to 20 Expats

To fulfil the Cabinet resolution to grow the UAE’s status as an incubator of talent and innovation, 10-year UAE Residency Visas were granted to 20 scientists, including the winners and finalists of the first and second edition of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence. The move emphasized the UAE’s status as a major hub attracting the best global talented scientists and innovators. It reflected the vision of UAE leaders to cement the country’s stature as a haven for brilliant minds and creative talents.

UAE Long-term Visas

Five-year Visa

It will be issued to investors, executives, talented students and retired expatriate professionals as well as their family members for D650 (Dh150 for application and Dh500 for issuance). Also top achievers among students with exceptional talents and their family members can likewise get the five-year visas at Dh650.

Categories with Visa Application Cost Exempted

Kids sponsored by their parents and are subsequent to finishing 18 years or on the edge of completing secondary school or college can apply for one-year sustainable visa at Dh100. Widows, divorced women and their children can also extend their one-year residency visas for Dh100. These 2 categories will be charged only Dh100 for the issuance of the visa. In fact, they are exempted of visa application cost.

Five-year Visa Announced

Permanent Residency – Golden Card

The UAE launched a “Golden Card” permanent residency program for foreign investors and residents who were granted permanent residency after they invested a combined 100 billion Dirhams ($27 billion) in the Gulf state.  The long term visas, including the issuance of Golden Card, have made it easier for expats who view Dubai as a hub city to settle and become contributors to UAE’s economy.

Whereas Dubai has long been in the mind of foreign investors, the new visa rules will definitely have a far-reaching effect on their plans to move to, settle or invest in the emirate. After all, the initiative seeks to put UAE on the global map touting it as a land creating avenues for talents and opportunities alike.


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