TRA Issues New WhatsApp Warning – Code Verification Scam

TRA Issues New WhatsApp Warning – Code Verification Scam

All WhatsApp users watch out for the fake code verification text doing the rounds!

No matter what the message says or the video attachment is about, it is essential to stay safe online. And WhatsApp has again become a platform for scammers who hack into subscribers accounts. The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has cautioned of another code verification messages scam that endeavors to seize your records.

Code Verification Messages Scam

If you’re quite particular of updating your online accounts, then this scam can easily take you for a ride. Beware of any code check message purportedly sent on the messaging app. As per TRA, the phony message looks like this:

“Your WhatsApp code: 842-047.”

If you tap on this message, you will be requested to enter the cell phone number and a six-digit code. On sending the code, you’re given the option to click on the accompanied link to verify the phone and finish the confirmation procedure. Be careful with this message, it can bring about hacking your account. Never reply to such code verification messages unless it was triggered by the subscriber. Also do not share the verification code that is sent to you by SMS, otherwise, their account will also be compromised. In this way, many WhatsApp accounts are being hacked and unfortunately, subscribers have lost all their details.

What to do if WhatsApp Account is Hacked?

  • Remove the app
  • Reinstall WhatsApp daily at different times of the day.
  • Alert your contacts that their accounts have been compromised.
  • Send the text given below to WhatsApp tech support
  • Deactivate your account by sending an email to WhatsApp’s technical support team ( In the email, mention the following text: “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” and provide your phone number in the following format: +9715xxxxxx.

How to reinstall WhatsApp?

  • Touch and hold on to the WhatsApp icon on the home screen till the icons begin to wiggle.
  • Tap the x sign towards the corner of the WhatsApp icon.
  • Tap “delete” to evacuate the application and all of its data.
  • Press the home button.
  • Re-download WhatsApp from the app store.




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