The LOOP, a 93-Kilometre Long Controlled-Climate Cycling Route in Dubai, Has a New Design, According to URB

The 93-kilometer-long LOOP, a sustainable motorway created by URB, attempts to persuade Dubai inhabitants to choose a healthy form of transportation. The building offers a year-round climate-controlled atmosphere that encourages biking and walking as the primary modes of transit in the city. The program aligns with Dubai’s 20-minute city effort, which aims to have 80% of the city’s citizens walk or ride bikes to work. The research and development stage of the project is currently underway.

“Our aim is to re-engineer the future mobility infrastructure in Dubai to become more than sustainable transport systems. To think of such infrastructures as much as spaces and utilities for people, where various leisure & community services can also be provided. These infrastructures should be an enjoyable sustainable transport mode, no matter the weather conditions. – Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB.”

By providing chances for walking and cycling and including necessary services in its design, the project seeks to decrease reliance on automobiles. The infrastructure of Dubai, a car-centric metropolis created through a process of fast urbanization, will undergo a dramatic change as a result. The building is also intended to include a number of related activities in addition to a regulated climate, including vertical farms for food security, parks and other open spaces, numerous amenities, and business prospects.

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