Smoking near a child might result in a fine of almost Dh5,000- UAE legislation

Residents of the United Arab Emirates commonly smoke, and the popularity of e-cigarettes and vapes has made it simpler for smokers to discover alternate sources of smoke, purchase tobacco products, and use them.

According to experts in the United Arab Emirates, people who are not smokers but are around smokers suffer from the same health consequences as those who do. Children should also remember this, particularly in confined spaces.

According to WHO statistics, tobacco use kills over 8 million people annually, including an estimated 1.3 million non-smokers who inadvertently come into contact with secondhand smoke.

The UAE’s legislation has put in place stringent restrictions to prevent minors from being supplied tobacco-related items and from smoking near youngsters. The law states as follows:

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Smoking when a child is around

The Wadeema Law, which protects children’s rights throughout the nation, makes smoking in front of minors absolutely forbidden. According to Article 21, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke while a child under the age of twelve is present on any public or private conveyance.

This also holds true for smoking in a tight space or room when kids are around. Infringers will be subject to a fine of at least Dh5,000.

Additional penalties related to tobacco use

Anyone caught trying to sell tobacco goods to minors faces a minimum three-month jail sentence and/or a fine of Dh15,000 in addition to other penalties. It is the seller’s responsibility to request proof that the buyer is at least eighteen years old.

This punishment also extends to anyone who attempts to sell alcohol to minors or who sells them any other items that could endanger their health.

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