Ramadan 2021 Big Bazaar

Ramadan 2021 Big Bazaar

Ramadan 2021 Big Bazaar in Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

In Ramadan 2021 Big Bazaar, customers can expect up to 80% discount. Some brands offering up to 90%. Ramadan Big Bazaar has offers on wide range of products such as food, clothing and there are some fun and entertainment for the kids. Ramadan Big Bazaar usually commences on the 1st week of May month and lasts until the last week.

Whom to contact to participate in Ramadan Big Bazaar in Dubai, UAE?

For Space booking at Ramadan Big Bazaar

Contact person: Mr. Abdullah Kamran, Business Development Manager
Email: businessdevelopment@conceptbrands.net
Mobile: +971-43973099
Phone: +971-559208977

For Partnership contacts

Contact person: Mr. Bilal Ehmed
Email: gm@conceptbrands.net
Direct: +971-559208008

For Marketing and sponsorship contacts

Contact person: Mr. Nitesh Bedi, Marketing Manager
Email: marketing@conceptbrands.net
Phone: +971-43973099
Fax: +971-559207792

For media enquiries

Contact person: Mr. Rony F.S.
Email: media@conceptbrands.net
Phone: +971-528212809

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Open hours: Show opens from 7pm until 2am daily during Ramadan, 5pm to 11pm during the Eid holidays.

Ramadan Big Bazaar Website: https://ramadanbigbazaar.com/

Contact Ramadan Big Bazaar via Facebook

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