Quran Learning Centers for Male and Female in Dubai, UAE

Quran Learning Centers for Male and Female in Dubai, UAE

Quran Learning Centers for Male and Female in Bur Dubai, Deira – Dubai, UAE address, phone number

Name of the Center Phone Case Gender Area​​ Main / Branch​ Location
Dar Al Qraan 04-3989028 Active Female Al Mankhool Main Bur Dubai
Obaid Al Helo-Wadi Al Amardi 04-2670006 Active Female Khawaneej Main Deira
Al Ber Project – Mamzar 04-2966773 Active Female Al-Mamzar​ Branch Deira
Al Ber Project-nad al hamar 04-2895767 Active Female Nad Al Hamar​ Branch Deira
Al Ber Project-al quoz ​ 04-3210997 Active Female Al-Quoz 2 Branch Bur Dubai
Bilal Bin Rabah​ 04-2644663 Active Female Branch Main Deira
Maria AL  Qabtia 04-2860087 Active Female​ Al Rashidiya​ Main Deira
Al Ber Project-jumeirah​ 04-3523333 Active Male Jumeirah 4 Branch Bur Dubai
Al Ber Project-almosa 04-3947647 Active Male Jumeirah 3 Branch Bur Dubai​
Bilal Bin Rabah 04-2544463 Active Male Branch Branch Deira
Musab Bin Omair 04-3368263 Active Male ـ Main Bur Dubai
khalfan 04-2249181 Active Male Albarsha 2​ Main Bur Dubai
Riad Al Saliheen ​ 04-3218981 Active Male All wasl Main Bur Dubai​
Ottoman 04-2644957 Active Male Main Deira
Imam Abu Hanifa 04-2679853 Active Male Sonabor Main Deira
 AL Khlufa-E-Rashideen Center 04-2687899 Active Male Branch Main Deira
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamdan 04-2870844 Active Male​ Al Aweer​ Main Deira
Al Siddiq 04-2863833 Active Male, Female Al Rashidiya Main Deira
 AL Huda 04-2633338 Active Male, Female Branch Branch Deira
Abdullah bin Masood​ 04-2818041 Active Male, Female Branch Deira
Obaid Al Helo-al aweer 04-2873030 Male, Female Al Aweer Branch Deira
Fatima Abdullah  Rasheed Center​ 04-3863995 Active Male, Female Albarsha 1 Main Bur Dubai
AL Sahabah 04-2688977 Active Male, Female Main Deira
Mohammed Salem bin Bakhit 04-2874935, 04-2874933 Active Male, Female Main Deira
Omar Bin Abdulaziz 04-2888965 Active Male, Female Main Deira
Royati 04-2888965 Active Male, Female Main Deira
AL JABRI 04-2524335 Active Male, Female Main Deira
UM AL Muminin Ayesha 04-3977746 Active Male, Female Main Deira
Ibrahim Abdullah Al Abdooli​ 04-2571615 Active Male, Female Albarsha 2 Main Deira
Omar bin al-khattab​ 04-2259442 Active Male, Female Head Main Deira
 Al Rashid 04-2636284 Active Male, Female Muhaisnah 3 Main Deira
Amna Bint Obaid 04-2850032 Active Male, Female Al-Mizhar 1​ Main Deira
Zahratul Quran 04-3321781 Active Male, Female Al Rashidiya​ Main Deira
AL NOOR 04-2613399 Active Male, Female Al Qusais 1​ Main Deira
Mohammed bin Obaid 04-3959954 Active Male, Female Al-Satwa Main Bur Dubai
AL Huda / Altwar 04-2633338 Active Male, Female Ood Al-Motaina Main Deira
Al Safa​  —— Active​ Male, Female​ Jumeirah3 Main Bur Dubai​
Malik bin Anas 04-2892310 Active Male, Female​ Khawaneej Main Deira
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