Police in Fujairah detain three people after a dog attacks a woman and children.

Following an alleged dog assault on a mother and her two children on a beach in Fujairah on Saturday, police detained three young ladies.

The police department posted a request on social media for assistance in locating the animal owners, who authorities wanted to talk with about the incident. The hospital in the emirate to which the mother and her children were transported for treatment had filed a report. Their wounds were not described in any detail.

Although their ages were not disclosed, the police station referred to those detained as “girls.” According to the police, the mother and her kids were at a beach in Fujairah when the alleged crime took place. Later that day, the woman’s husband also filed a report. He admitted to police that his family was relaxing on the sand when the attack occurred.

Investigations are being conducted, after which prosecutors will be given the case. Although dog attacks are uncommon in the UAE, certain incidents have been documented there and nearby. On a secured property in Ras Al Khaimah, rogue dogs murdered 13 Arabian sand gazelles in July 2019.

The dogs had been kept and fed by construction workers, according to farmer Ali Al Mazroui, who later revealed to The National that the dogs became famished after stopping and attacking the gazelles.

Most recently, a young Omani child made headlines for successfully fending off a gang of stray dogs.

On November 10, Abdullah Al Raisi, 11, of the northwestern region of the country’s Al Buraimi governorate, was traveling from his house to the bus stop on the major road when the incident occurred.

Up until the arrival of the driver of a school bus, Abdullah battled the stray dogs off. He was lucky to get away unscathed.

The UAE increased the number of prohibited breeds from seven to twelve in 2017. All breeds of pit bulls, wolf-dog crossbreeds, American Staffordshire terriers, Japanese tosa, Brazilian and Argentinian mastiffs, and any mix of these six breeds of canines are prohibited.

American bullies, rottweilers, mixed breeds, Doberman pinschers, Perros de Presa Canario, and boxer dogs are among the other breeds that are prohibited.

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