Over 50,000 people in Dubai are added every six months.

In the first half of 2023, while Dubai’s population increased by almost 50,000, the influx of foreigners continued. Since 2021, the emirate has attracted thousands of foreign workers yearning for better possibilities, making it the regional center for aviation, trade, finance, and tourism.

After the coronavirus outbreak in February 2020, the emirate population decreased, but it soon began to rise as the administration progressed against the pandemic. Due to its early opening following the pandemic, Dubai was able to recover more quickly than other big cities and draw in the greatest talent.

Expo 2020 also helped the emirate gain global recognition and drew in new businesspeople and professionals. According to figures from the Dubai Statistics Center, the emirate’s population reached 3.6 million by the end of June, up from 3.55 million at the beginning of 2023.

The population of Dubai was 3,603,286 as of July 5, compared to 3,550,400 at the start of the year, a rise of 52,886 or 1.49 percent. While the population increased by 124,595 in 18 months and 89,196 in the last 12 months.

Dubai’s government has made urban planning one of its main goals for sustainable development and to provide enhanced quality of life for the citizens. Since 1960 the first urban plan was introduced, the city’s population has multiplied by 80, and the size of urban areas by 170.


The Dubai 2040 urban plan is now being implemented to provide sustainable and adaptable mobility solutions to facilitate people’s mobility. According to the plan, 55% of Dubai’s population will reside no more than 800 meters from a public transport hub.

According to estimates, when people from the nearby emirates relocate to Dubai for work or other reasons, the city’s population increases by up to one million during the day.

The total economy has grown as a result of the population growth, which has raised demand for new dwellings and increased consumer spending.

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