One of the coolest streets in the world is Jumeirah Beach Road.

Twenty thousand city people and local authorities were polled to choose the coolest street in their area, and the well-known Jumeirah Beach Road came in at number 23.

Jumeirah Beach Road’s inclusion on the list, which was ranked for food, entertainment, culture, and community, is not surprising given that it blends Dubai’s past and present.

Jumeirah Beach Road is without a doubt one of Dubai’s most unique and unusual avenues, home to five-star hotels, vintage shawarma vendors, odd independent eateries, and shops selling everything from beach necessities to trinkets.

What are some of our favorite sites on Jumeirah Beach Road?

Mercato Mall, which contains VOX Cinemas and, now, a gigantic slide, is the place to go shopping. It mimics shopping in Renaissance-era Italy, but with modern-day high street businesses, and is ideal for basics and dining (pick up lunch from SLAB).


We also enjoy spending time at the pretty-in-pink Tania’s Tea House. Breakfast dishes, cakes, and, of course, copious amounts of tea are available here.

If you’re looking for a place to eat on Jumeirah Beach Road, make a reservation at Japanese Mimi Kakushi, which is located on the grounds of the Four Seasons Resort Dubai on Jumeirah Beach.

In addition, Kite Beach, with its white sand and water activities, is one of Dubai’s top beaches.

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