Mollak (Dubai Land) Dubai Customer Care Phone number, Email, App, Service

Mollak Dubai Customer Care Phone number, Email, App and social media


Location: Dubai Land Department

Mollak is an online service system that ensures transparency for joint property ownership in real estate. Unit owners can pay service charges directly into this portal to avoid any chances of impending conflicts or inconvenience.



Mollak Customer Care Phone Number and Other Details

Address: Dubai Land Department Building, PO Box 1166, Dubai, UAE

Phone Number: 8004488 



Map: View Google direction here.

Mollak Services

  • Registration of owner’s committee
  • Registration of management companies, their employees, and management contracts.
  • Enrollment of real estate complexes, financial institutions, banks, and statutory financial auditors.
  • Request for service charges approval and open a regulatory bank account for the real estate complex.
  • Issue invoices to the property unit owners of co-owned property.
  • Providing payment channels and electronic payment gateways to the owners.


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