MoFA attestation in Dubai, UAE

What is MoFA attestation in Dubai?

A government organization called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation is in charge of approving documents from the applicant’s country of origin. Documents issued in the UAE or abroad may undergo the process of attestation to verify the legitimacy of the seal and signature.

When a certificate bears the MOFA seal, it can be used for all official purposes in Dubai.

What certificates can be attested?

Individual documents

  • Educational documents (certificate & transcripts are treated as two different documents)
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificate
  • Medical reports
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Marriage certificates, court-issued certificates
  • Power of attorney of personal nature –
  • To may it concern letters
  • Employment contract
  • Employment offer
  • Bank statements
  • Personal tax certificate

Commercial Documents

  • Contract or agreement
  • Commercial registration
  • Appointment of a manager or a director
  • Minutes of the meeting of the board of directors or partners
  • Company change of name
  • Brand registration
  • Distribution agreement
  • Corporate insurance certificate
  • Corporate tax certificate
  • Board of directors’ decision
  • Trade license
  • Partnership or shareholder certificate
  • Annexes and appendices in commercial documents
  • Memorandums
  • Company closures
  • Company branch registration
  • Bankruptcy documents
  • Financial statement
  • Product Registration
  • Patent registration or waiver
  • Trademark registration
  • Power of attorney of commercial nature
  • General power of attorney
  • Signature document
  • End-user certificate
  • Tax certificate
  • Completion certificate
  • Any other document of commercial nature.

Who can attest?

You can apply through:

  • MoFAIC Website
  • Smart Mobile App: (UAE MOFAIC)
  • UAE Embassies abroad

Document Required

  • Original document in English or Arabic
  • Before submission, a document must be authenticated by the relevant regulating organizations.
  • The document must not be laminated.
  • If the document is digital or electronically attested, include a copy of it.

Cost of attesting each certificate

  • You can check here.

Procedure for attestation

  • visit MoFAIC Website
  • New users: Register and login
  • Existing users: Log In
  • Select Attestation of Official Documents, Certificates.
  • Then Select the courier service
  • After Entering the place of issuance of the document.
  • Make the payment.
  • For more information check here.

Location in Dubai

  • AL MANARA CENTRE Sheikh Zayed Road
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