MBZUAI Launches Fully Funded Graduate Programs in AI for Emirati Nationals

Program Overview

For Emirati citizens, the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) has started offering fully financed graduate programs in AI. This program is a component of the UAE’s strategic objective to establish a strong AI ecosystem and establish itself as a leader in AI innovation and research worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria

Emirati nationals who wish to participate in these programs must fulfil the following requirements:

– Have a solid academic record with a minimum GPA of 3.0 – Have a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as computer science, engineering, or mathematics – Show an enthusiasm for artificial intelligence and its applications.
– Fulfill the standards for English language proficiency.

Application Process

The following steps are included in the application procedure for these programs:


1. Fill out the online application.
2. Give certifications and transcripts of study
3. Compose a motivational essay explaining why the candidate wants to study artificial intelligence.
4. Send recommendation letters from scholarly or professional contacts.
5. Take part in an admissions committee interview.

Curriculum Highlights

The goal of MBZUAI’s graduate programs in AI is to give students a thorough understanding of AI principles and their applications. The program offers research possibilities in robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing in addition to courses in these fields.

Benefits for Emirati Nationals

The fully financed AI graduate programs at MBZUAI provide Emirati citizens with a number of advantages:

  • Full Scholarship: The university offers a full scholarship that pays for all living expenses, health insurance, and tuition, totalling 100%.
  •  AI Research Opportunities: Students will be able to work with top international institutions and use state-of-the-art AI research facilities.
  •  Professional Networking: Students can engage with a network of strategic partners and receive significant professional experiences through the university’s strong relationships with business, the national government, and academia.
  • Career Advancement: By providing Emirati citizens with the knowledge and abilities to propel innovation and growth across a range of industries, MBZUAI’s AI education and research opportunities will help realize the UAE’s vision of a knowledge-based economy.


The opening of fully financed graduate programs in AI for Emirati citizens by MBZUAI is a big step in equipping the youth of the UAE with the know-how and abilities required to spur innovation and expansion in the AI industry. With its extensive curriculum, chances for research, and professional networking, MBZUAI is well-positioned to emerge as the area’s preeminent centre for AI education and research.


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