List of Government Approved Medicines/Drugs in Dubai, UAE

List of Government Approved Medicines/Drugs in Dubai, UAE

There is zero tolerance for drug use for recreational purposes in the UAE. Production, import, export, transit, purchase, sale, possession, and storage of narcotic and psychotropic substances are all prohibited under Federal Law No. 14 of 1995 unless they are part of monitored and controlled medical or scientific activity in conformity with the applicable legislation.

  • The most commonly used medications can be found in UAE hospitals and neighborhood pharmacies.
  • However, class A or class B controlled pharmaceuticals and medicines such as narcotics, psychotropics, and other similar substances are neither widely available in the UAE nor permitted to be imported into the nation. They fall under the category of controlled or restricted items.

Prescription of controlled medicines

Narcotic prescriptions

  • Only a physician certified by HAAD may prescribe a narcotic for an in-patient in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the prescription must be made on a recognized narcotic prescription form.
  • Private-sector narcotic supply prescriptions are typically not accepted. However, an exception may be made if a medical director requests it.

Psychotropic prescriptions

  • Only a doctor certified by HAAD may prescribe a psychotropic for an outpatient in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The psychotropics designated as CDa, formerly known as “Registered Prescription (RP)” or “Group 4,” have unique restrictions.
  • On the official psychotropic prescription form, they must be prescribed. The length of a prescription for CDa and CDb medications is currently subject to UAE government regulations, and this is dependent on the status of the prescribing physician.
  • Orders for neuropsychiatric CDb medicines for in-patients or out-patients are made using a standard medical prescription because there are no unique prescription criteria.

List of approved drugs


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