List of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fines in UAE

List of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fines in UAE

UAE’s Attorney General – Counselor Hamad Saif Al Shamsi announced the full list of fines for violating Coronavirus directives in UAE. The fines are aimed at preventing the spread of COVID19 Coronavirus.

List of Fines:

Violation  Fine (AED)
Refusing to follow instructions regarding home quarantine. 50,000
Patients refusing to go to hospital to take medication once instructed by a medical professional. 50,000
Companies or administrations which refuse to close public places,
including shopping centres, malls, markets, gyms, public swimming pools, cinemas, clubs, parks and restaurants.
Organising social gatherings, meetings, parties and any celebrations with multiple people. 10,000
Attending social gatherings and public celebrations. 5,000
Not burying or transporting a deceased coronavirus victim according to strict provisions 3,000
Leaving home with no important work or a genuine reason. 2,000
Not wearing medical masks indoors if you are suffering from chronic diseases and those with flu symptoms. 1,000
Unnecessary visits to hospitals and other health facilities. 1,000
Allowing more than three persons in vehicle. 1,000
Not maintaining social distancing while walking. 1,000
People caught visiting public areas. 500
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