Lease to Own Cars in Dubai & UAE

Lease to Own Cars in Dubai & UAE

Lease to own cars, also known as rent to own cars is a service from car rental companies in UAE, where you can rent a car for a period of 1-3 years and the car will be registered in your name at the end of the 2-year lease period. Mostly the cars available are used cars, but not very old, usually in 1-2 year old cars.

This is especially useful for people who rent cars and do not wish to go for a bank loan to buy a car outright. Some people may not have sufficient salaries to take a loan, but are already renting a car. In such cases, rent to own cars can help in getting ownership of the car while renting it.

Some of the car rental companies that offer lease to own cars in Dubai are:

The terms of lease to own cars differ with each company. But the basics remain the same:

  1. Make a down payment, sign the lease documents and drive the car
  2. Complete the lease payments as per the contract (1,2 or 3 years)
  3. Register the car in your name

Below table shows the latest price list for Lease to Own cars from Quick Lease.

FIESTA 2015368003680138016562407206905015009916
PICANTO 20174040040401515181824072069050150010573
SENTRA 20164160041601560187224072069050150010792
ECOSPORT 20154400044001650198024072069050150011230
YARIS HATCHBACK 20174880048801830219624072069050150012106
COROLLA 20165000050001875225024072069050150012325
SPARK 20195120051201920230424072069050150012544
MAZDA 3 20165120051201920230424072069050150012544
YARIS SEDAN 20175120051201920230424072069050150012544
SONATA 20165360053602010241224072069050150012982
SUNNY 20175360053602010241224072069050150012982
FUSION 20155600056002100252024072069050150013420
MAZDA 3 20175600056002100252024072069050150013420
SENTRA SV 20175600056002100252024072069050150013420
SUNNY 20185840058402190262824072069050150013858
MICRA 20195960059602235268224072069050150014077
SPORTAGE 20166200062002325279024072069050150014515
ACCENT 20196320063202370284424072069050150014734
MAZDA 3 20186440064402415289824072069050150014953
SUNNY 20196440064402415289824072069050150014953
MAZDA 6 20176800068002550306024072069050150015610
MAZDA CX3 20186800068002550306024072069050150015610
TUCSON 20167040070402640316824072069050150016048
KICKS 20187280072802730327624072069050150016486
SPORTAGE 20177400074002775333024072069050150016705
MAZDA 3 20197400074002775333024072069050150016705
ELANTRA 20197520075202820338424072069050150016924
CRETA 20197640076402865343824072069050150017143
MAZDA 6 20187760077602910349224072069050150017362
KICKS 2018 FULL OPTION7760077602910349224072069050150017362
FORD EXPLORER 20158000080003000360024072069050150017800
TUCSON 20188000080003000360024072069050150017800
SPORTAGE 20188000080003000360024072069050150017800
MAZDA CX5 20178600086003225387024072069050150018895
SONATA 20199560095603585430224072069050150020647
TUCSON 20199680096803630435624072069050150020866
CAYENNE GTS 201832000032000120001440024072069050150061600


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