Indian Schools in Dubai Get Best Overall Ratings

Indian Schools in Dubai Get Best Overall Ratings

Quality of education imparted by Indian Curriculum Schools has improved since last year. The latest school inspection report by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) revealed that 73% of students attending Indian-curriculum schools in Dubai are receiving ‘good’ quality of education or even better. Indian schools in Dubai get best overall ratings. Out of 31 schools inspected, 15 were rated ‘good’, 5 were ‘very good’, 9 were ‘acceptable’ and 1 was ‘weak’. Only 1 school was rated ‘outstanding’.  The Gems Modern Academy retained its title as the only outstanding school in the 2018-19 term assessments.

Excellent Achievement of Indian Schools in Dubai

According to the Dubai Student Wellbeing Census conducted by KHDA, students attending Indian schools have the highest levels of well-being out of all students in Dubai. While the number of Indian-curriculum schools increased by 67 percent in the last 10 years, the increase in the student population was 45 percent. Students who wish to follow the Indian curriculum now have a wider selection of schools operating at different price points. At present, there are 79,113 students enrolled in Indian-curriculum schools.

Strengths of a Good Rated School

  • Outstanding achievements in English and science
  • Respectful and responsible students
  • Pupils’ deep understanding of Islamic values
  • Diligent school staff

Schools with Good and Above Ratings


Gems Modern Academy

 Very Good

The Indian High School

Delhi Private School

Gems Our Own English High School

The Millennium School

Ambassador Kindergarten


Bilva Indian School

Amled School

Primus Private School

The Indian High School-Branch

Our Own High School

JSS International School

JSS Private School

Gems Our Own Indian School

The Kindergarten Starters

Ambassador School

Gems New Millennium School

Springdales School

The Indian Academy

Credence High School

Gems Heritage Indian School


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