How to Travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Public Bus?

How to Travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Public Bus?

Heritage sites, grand mosque and majestic landmarks — these are some attractions in the capital, Abu Dhabi. While there are many places to visit, travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi has never been easier since public transport is available. Perhaps, it’s super easy to go by bus from Dubai to the historic city. There are two bus lines going the route and both run every 30 minutes.


Travel Summary  

Dubai Departure – Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and Ibn Battuta Bus Stop

Bus Number- 101 from Ibn Battuta Bus Stop or 100 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station

Ticket price- 25 AED (You can pay cash at the counter or use your Dubai NOL card)

Timing- From 5am to 12pm at every 15-30 minutes

Travel Duration- About 2 hrs

Abu Dhabi Arrival – Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station

2 Bus Routes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi 

There are 2 bus routes between Dubai and the Abu Dhabi. The Intercity Bus leaves Dubai from two locations:

  • Route 100 – Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai  (Route 100)
  • Route 101- Ibn Battuta Mall

If you’re in Bur Dubai, Satwa, or Karama, take the E100 bus from the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. If you’re in Marina, JLT or the JBR area, take the E101 bus from the Ibn Battuta Metro bus stop. The journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via public bus does take a little longer than a taxi, but at around a tenth of the cost of a taxi. It’s worth it, if you have the time. Also, the buses have free Wi-Fi and are very comfortable: equipped with air-conditioning and have soft and comfortable seats.

Tips to Remember

  1. Buses from Dubai to the capital, Abu Dhabi do not ply at night. In case of a night arrival, wait until morning.
  2. Bus fare is paid only in dirhams, so don’t forget to visit a currency exchange office before the trip.
  3. Front seats are always reserved for women and families, back seats are for men only
  4. There are 2 request stops for Abu Dhabi; Samha and Samha Village
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