How to Start a Jewellery Shop in Dubai, UAE: Procedure, License, Documents required?

Procedure to Start a Jewellery Shop in Dubai, UAE

  • Any gold jewelry business requires proper company registration and all necessary clearance documents. Your business can be registered on Dubai’s mainland or free zone. The Freezone at the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is the most excellent location for a gold business.
  • Decide on the type of business structure you want for your jewelry shop. Options include a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC). An LLC is the most common structure for foreign investors.
  • Select a unique and appropriate name for your jewelry shop. Ensure the name aligns with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) guidelines.
  • Prepare a comprehensive business plan that outlines your objectives, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and other relevant details. A business plan is essential when applying for licenses and funding.
  • Develop a marketing and advertising plan to create awareness about your jewelry shop. This can include online marketing, social media presence, collaborations with influencers, and participation in local events.
  • Familiarize yourself with the local regulations and compliance requirements related to jewelry retail, such as pricing regulations, warranties, and consumer protection laws.
  • Ensure you comply with tax obligations, accounting practices, and other legal requirements.
  • Consider joining industry associations and participating in trade shows and exhibitions to showcase your products and build connections.
  • DMCC name reservation registration (5-7 days)

Documents required

  • Business Plan: A detailed plan outlining your business concept, target market, financial projections, marketing strategies, and operational details.
  • Passport Copies: Passport copies of all owners and partners involved in the business.
  • Visa Copies: Copies of the UAE residence visas of all owners and partners.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): If an employer sponsors you, you will need a NOC from your sponsor to allow you to establish a business in Dubai.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA): For partnerships and LLCs, an MOA is required, which outlines the business structure, ownership details, and profit-sharing arrangements.
  • Trade Name Reservation: Submit an application to reserve your desired trade name with Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Lease Agreement: A copy of the lease or tenancy agreement for your commercial space, indicating that it is suitable for a jewelry shop and compliant with local regulations.
  • Trade License Application: Complete the trade license application form provided by the DED, indicating the nature of your business as a jewelry shop.
  • Business Registration Application: Submit the required forms and documents to register your business with the DED.
  • Approvals and Permits: Depending on the location and nature of your business, you may need additional approvals or permits, such as building permits, fire safety certificates, and health department approvals.
  • Jewelry Certification: Ensure your jewelry meets the necessary quality standards and complies with regulations. Depending on the type of jewelry you sell, you may need to provide certificates of authenticity, hallmarking certificates, and proof of compliance with international quality standards.
  • Bank Account Opening: Open a business account with a local UAE bank. You must provide the necessary identification documents, trade license, and other requested information.
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