How to Pay Du Bills through online / Phone / app?

How to Pay Du Bills through online / Phone / app?

  • By Online
  • By Phone
  • Other payments

By Online

  • Use our du App to pay your bills with ease. Apple Pay available.
  • Log In to pay you du bills online using any GGC-issues credit cards.
  • Pay your bills securely without the need to log in.

By Phone

  • To pay your mobile bill through your phone using your credit card, dial 155.
  • To pay your home services bill, dial 043905555 and
  • choose option 2, then option 1 and enter your credit card number

Other payments

  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Axiom
  • Al Ghuriar Exchange
  • Al Fardan Exchange
  • FONO
  • LM Exchange
  • OneMobile
  • Redha Al Ansari Exchange
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