How to participate in Expo 2020?

How to participate in Expo 2020?

Be a part in Expo 2020 through the following ways.

Participate in

Expo Live programme

  • This program offers support and funding to those with creative solutions to global challenges

Volunteers programme

  • welcomes more than 30k volunteers

World Majlis sessions

  • This session brings together current and aspiring thought leaders from across the planet

Online Marketplace

  • Here you can avail many business opportunities.

What is the ticket price for people of determination?

To enter in to Expo 2020, it is free of charge for the people of determination and also there is 50% discount for one person who assist with the people of determination. They need to obtain the ticket.

More details about how to buy the  expo 2020 tickets here

What are the required document or ID to enter Expo 2020?

  • Valid identity card (eg: People of determination ID card / Sanad card / Social Security benefit letter / DLA, PIP; EU disability card / ADA disability card, France’s carte d’invalidité, etc.)
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