How to Install a Satellite Dish TV in UAE?

Procedure to Install a Satellite Dish TV in UAE?

  • Obtain necessary permissions: Contact the relevant authorities or property management to ensure you can install a satellite dish on your property. Some buildings or communities may have specific rules or restrictions regarding satellite dish installations.
  • Choose a satellite TV service provider: Research and select a reputable satellite TV service provider that operates in the UAE. Compare packages, channels, and pricing to find the best option that suits your preferences.
  • Acquire the satellite dish and equipment: Purchase a satellite dish and the necessary equipment from an authorized dealer or retailer. Ensure that the equipment is compatible with your chosen satellite TV service.
  • Determine the ideal location for installation: Identify an appropriate location on your property for mounting the satellite dish. It should have a clear line of sight to the desired satellite position without obstructions such as buildings or trees.
  • Install the satellite dish: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to mount the satellite dish securely. Typically, this involves attaching the dish to a sturdy pole or wall bracket. Ensure that the dish is properly aligned to the satellite position using a compass or a satellite finder tool.
  • Connect the cables: Connect the coaxial cables from the satellite dish to the satellite receiver or set-top box. Ensure a proper connection, and use appropriate connectors or adapters if needed.
  • Set up the satellite receiver or set-top box: Connect the satellite receiver or set-top box to your television using HDMI or AV cables. Power on the equipment and follow the instructions provided by the satellite TV service provider to complete the setup process.
  • Activate the satellite TV service: Contact the provider to activate your subscription. They will guide you through the steps to activate your service and provide you with any required activation codes or account information.
  • Perform a signal and channel scan: Use the menu options on your satellite receiver or set-top box to perform a signal and channel scan. This process allows the receiver to detect and save the available channels provided by the satellite service.
  • Test and adjust the signal quality: Tune into different channels to ensure optimal quality. If needed, fine-tune the alignment of the satellite dish for better signal reception.


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