How to greet each other during Ramadan in Dubai, UAE?: Learn new words to greet your friends

Know some new words to learn to greet your friends during the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai

How to greet your friends for Ramadan in Dubai?

Greet for Ramadan Kareem / Mubarak

Generous Ramadan: Ramadan Kareem / Karim (رمضان كريم)

Happy Ramadan: Ramadan saeid (رمضان سعيد)

Blessed Ramadan: Ramadan Mubarak (رمضان مبارك)

Fasting in Ramadan in Arabic

I am Fasting: Ana sayim / sayma (أنا صائم)

How are you in Arabic?

How are you?: kayf haluk (كيف حالك)

I picked up the cannon in Arabic

I picked up the cannon: Uqlat Al Madfa (أقلت أل مدفع)

Drink more water in Arabic

Drink more water: shurib almazid min alma’ (شرب المزيد من الماء)

Break the fasting in Arabic

Break the fasting: tuftir alsiyam (تفطر الصيام)

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