How to Claim UAE Tourist VAT Tax Refund?

How to Claim UAE Tourist VAT Tax Refund?

Dubai is known for its shopping gala and thousands of tourists visit the emirate each year purchasing goods and items. Along with other duty-free options, tourists can claim back the VAT tax refund charged to their purchases while on holiday. For UAE travelers, here’s how to claim a VAT refund.

Criteria for Claiming VAT Tax Refund?

  • Tourist visiting the UAE and claiming VAT refund must be at least 18 years old.
  • The items purchased should be supplied from UAE
  • The purchase must be done by the tourist within 90 days of the tourist visa.
  • Only goods from retailers registered for VAT tax refund will be considered by the FTA system.
  • Purchased goods must not be exempted from the tax refund system
  •  Total value of tax-inclusive purchases should be at least Dh250
  • Tourist must intend to exit the UAE along with the purchased goods within 90 days.
VAT Refund
VAT Refund

Where to Claim VAT Tax Refund?

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has enlisted Planet, a global taxback organization to operate the tax refunding process for tourists. Planet has supplied kiosks to fully automate tax refund procedures. They are placed at all exit ports. Tourists can claim VAT Tax refund at the airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The Tax Refund stand is located in each terminals, before check in and around duty free stores. Each tourist gets cash back worth not more than Dh10,000 daily.

How to Claim VAT in Airport?

  • While purchasing, inform the cashier you need a tax refund and provide them a passport to enter your personal information.
  • The cashier puts a QR code sticker in the back of the invoice.
  • Collect Tax invoice of the item purchased.
  • Visit the Tax Refund Stand
  • Present the Tax invoice, passport and your boarding pass.
  • The officer scans the receipt and informs you the amount that will be refunded.
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