How to become a MoneyGram agent in Dubai, UAE? Procedure, Documents required, Exam if any?

MoneyGram Official website:


MoneyGram Customer Care phone number

Contact your Account Manager or Partner Servicing at 1-800-654-5920.

How to join MoneyGram (Remittance Company) and become an agent in Dubai, UAE?

  1. Fill the form here
  2. Enter your name, company name
  3. Enter the address, Country
  4. Enter your business phone number, Email
  5. Mention the type of the business
  6. Enter the number of locations
  7. Select the service provider whether you are non seller / Western Union (WU) / Ria / Coinstar / Sigue / LCC ? Moneyglobe / Valutrans / Small World / Other
  8. Click “Submit” to complete the form.
Become MoneyGram Agent-Fill-Form
Become MoneyGram Agent-Fill-Form

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