How to attest a document and Procedure to attest a document in Dubai

How to attest a document and Procedure to attest a document in Dubai

What is the procedure to attest a document or certificate in Dubai?

There is a lot of confusion regarding attestation of documents in Dubai. Why is it important? Attestation is a sign or symbol for verifying the authenticity of the documents. Since there are millions of people who enter Dubai for employment or for any different reason, one of the vital things you need in your itinerary is verified documents.Whether you are applying for a job or hoping to get admission in a recognized institute in Dubai, your credentials should be attestated to ensure their complete validity. Attestation is the primary requirement to showcase the genuineness and legality of your documents in any application process. Example of documents that need to be attested include marriage certificates, partnership deeds, company certificates, education degree, clearance certificates, individual’s maid contracts etc.

UAE Embassy Attestation

If you are entering UAE, it is mandatory to get all your personal, educational or commercial documents attested at the embassy and the process is called embassy legalization or attestation.

Basic Process of attestation before coming to Dubai

  1. You need to first verify your documents by the Ministry or Department of Foreign Affairs in your respective country. There are certain rules for attestation by MEA in each country. For instance, in India, students need their educational certificates attested from the relevant State Education Department before approaching MEA.
  2. After MEA attestation, you need to proceed with the attested documents to the UAE embassy or consulate in your respective country. Take the original supporting documents along with you to verify all certificates are sourced from the genuine government body in your respective country.
  3. Finally, submit attested documents or copies to the relevant government sector when you arrive in Dubai.

Process for Attestation if you are not in your home country prior to coming to Dubai

1. You should first visit the embassy of your home country with the documents for attestation.

2. Once attested, take the documents to the Department of Foreign Affairs of the country to authenticate the embassy.

3. Finally, submit all the documents for verification in the UAE embassy of the country for final attestation.

Attestation of Certificates in Dubai

There are two stages for attestation in Dubai

Step One: Dubai Courts’ Notary Public (DCNP)

DCNP is no longer located in Dubai courts, you need to visit either of the two branches at

DCNP Al Twar Centre:

Location: Al qusais

Working hours: 7.30 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8pm

DCNP Al Twar Centre:

Location: Al Barsha

Working hours: 7.30 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8pm

The best part for going to DCNP for attestation is that they always take one original document for scanning and archive purpose, so if you lose any original copy, you need not worry, you can always obtain one for a small fee. Remember to take minimum 2 original supporting documents including passport and valid ID for attestation purpose. You will require 110 AED for each notarization. You can also send a representative on your behalf for the process. If the documents are not in English or Arabic, please remember to first translate the copy and get it stamped on each page by relevant authorities, before submission.

Process at DCNP

At reception, you need to take the first token for verification by Notary who will check the documents. After preliminary investigation, a new token is issued to meet the second official who will authenticate your documents and compare your signature. After the payment, you can then collect documents from second official and return to Notary who will store one original in the archives.

Step Two: Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is on the 5th floor of Al Serkal Building, Near Dnata/Airport Cargo Village, Dubai. You need to make a payment for AED 52 at reception and your documents will be stamped by the issuing authority certifying that the issuing authority is real and the certificate is genuine. You can either go personally or send a representative with the documents.

Step Three: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Bur Dubai in the Bastakiya area, near the Omani and Jordanian consulates. The average fee for attestation is AED 150 per document as the department charges different fees structure depending on the type of documents.

In recent time, the process of attestation documents in Dubai has become easy, even though added expenses are involved. However, if you have time in hand, it is always advised to use the old procedures of attesting the documents before coming to Dubai.

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