How to apply Taiwan Visa from Dubai?

How to apply Taiwan Visa from Dubai?

About Taiwan

Taiwan, Chinese (Wade-Giles romanization) Taiwan, also known as Formosa in Portuguese, is an island in the western Pacific Ocean that is approximately 160 kilometers (100 miles) away from the coast of southeastern China. Taiwan is also known as T’ai-wan.

At its broadest point, it spans a distance of around 90 miles (145 km) and extends northward for approximately 245 miles (395 km). The capital of the People’s Republic of China is Taipei, which is located in the northern part of the country.

Why Taiwan is famous?

  • Taiwan is home to an estimated 300-night market, which is quite a high number considering the size of the island itself, which is smaller than Switzerland.
  • Taiwan was one of the first places in the world to provide free Wi-Fi service to a significant portion of the population.
  • It is possible that baseball is the most popular sport in Taiwan; you can find diamonds almost as frequently as dumplings anywhere on the island.
  • Many people believe that Taiwan has the best system of universal health care in the entire globe.
  • Acer and Asus are two of Taiwan’s most well-known and successful brands in the computer business. Taiwan is one of the most important providers of computers in Asia.

Procedure to apply for a Taiwan visa from Dubai?

  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Upload all the documents
  • Pay the required fees

or Visit the embassy

Commercial Office of the Republic of China
Mezzanine Floor, Sharaf Travel Building,
153, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road,
Bur Dubai, Dubai

Documents required

  • Copy of  Valid Passport
  • Copy of emirates id
  • application form for a visa that has been appropriately filled out and signed.
  • A letter stating that the applicant’s company or sponsor has no objections to the application is required.
  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of flight ticket
  • Copy of hotel reservation

Types of visa

1. Visitors Visa

The duration of stay allowed on Visitor Visas issued to foreign nationals holding passports from countries with whom the ROC has engaged in reciprocal visa agreements will be determined in accordance with the terms of these agreements.

A Visitor Visa typically has a validity period of between three months and one year for various types of foreign nationals.

2. Resident visa

Those who have been granted a Resident Visa are obligated to submit an application for an Alien Resident Certificate and a Re-entry Permit at one of the local service centers of the National Immigration Agency within fifteen days, beginning with the day after their arrival in the country.

What is the processing time of a Taiwan visa from Dubai?

  • It is generally processed within 9 days.

What are the fees?

  • It will cost about 400 AED.



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