Hire DTC Driver at AED3500 per month

Hire DTC Driver at AED3500 per month

Dubai Taxi Corporation has rolled out a package to hire drivers directly from Dubai Taxi Corporation app or website. With its “DTC My Driver” service, DTC allows for fully trained professional drivers to be hired on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The agreement can be made with individuals or companies and drivers will be provided without the cars (taxis) to drive the client’s car.

  • Per Day : 250 Dirhams
  • Per Week : 1000 Dirhams
  • Monthly : 3500 Dirhams per month

* In case of hiring the driver on Fridays and Saturdays, 250 Dirhams per day will be calculated.
* 40 Dirhams for each additional hour, the part of hour is considered one full hour.

For booking, visit the DTC website

Since launching the “DTC My Driver” service recently, DTC has announced that it has already made 305 contracts with clients for this service to provide drivers without cars.

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