Free Finance & Investing Courses at DFM Investor Education Academy

Course Offerings Overview

Offering a wide choice of free finance and investing courses, the DFM Investor Education Academy aims to improve financial literacy and provide people with the tools they need to make profitable investments. These courses are designed to meet the needs of students with varying backgrounds and degrees of expertise, from novices to experts.

Registration Process

People can sign up directly on the DFM Investor Education Academy’s website to enrol in the free finance and investing courses. Anyone who wants to get more knowledgeable about finance and has better investing skills can register easily.

After registering, students have access to a thorough curriculum that covers subjects like risk management’s significance in the global economy, the influence of artificial intelligence on investing technologies, and comprehending money and finance[1].

Students who successfully complete the courses gain a certification accepted by the financial sector, which they can use to show that they are dedicated to continuing education and professional growth, as well as to add to their resume[1].


Curriculum Highlights

The DFM Investor Education Academy offers courses on a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Understanding Money and Finance: This course examines the development and history of money and finance, offering a strong basis for additional study.
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Investment Technology: This course explores the functionality and applications of AI in the field of investment technology.
  • Risk Management and Global Economy: The emphasis of this course is on the significance of risk management and how it affects financial markets globally.

Instructor Profiles

The lecturers for the courses are seasoned professionals with strong expertise in investment and finance. By bringing a plethora of information and real-world experience to the classroom, these professionals guarantee that students receive top-notch instruction.

The lecturers for the courses are seasoned professionals with strong expertise in investment and finance. Among these specialists are:

D. Matthew Arledge: Matthew Arledge has extensive experience managing personal portfolios and private investments as a manager and co-investor at DFM Investments. He is open to sharing thoughts on personal portfolio management and private investment management, which includes publicly traded stocks, private equity, and non-traditional assets.

Certification and Recognition

Students who successfully complete the courses receive a certification of completion, which they can use to show that they are committed to continuing their education and professional development or to put on their CV. Those looking to progress in their financial careers may find this qualification useful as it is acknowledged by the financial sector.


Through free courses, the DFM Investor Education Academy provides a special chance for people to improve their investing and financial literacy. These courses offer a thorough curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, and certification upon completion, making them a great asset for anyone trying to get a better financial understanding and reach their financial objectives.

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