Dubai tops 2022 travel list, beating out London and Bali

Dubai tops 2022 travel list, beating out London and Bali

Dubai has beaten out famous tourist spots like London, Bali, and Rome for 2022. Dubai is the most popular tourist destination in 2022. Great effort by the administration for containing the pandemic and reassuring tourists to return to UAE. This year’s Travellers’ Choice Awards are the Best of the Best Destinations, revealed Tripadvisor on Wednesday. The Emirates topped worldwide capitals including London, Rome, and Paris.

They recognize the best hotels and restaurants based on reviews. In fact, this isn’t the first time Dubai has been named a top global city. Dubai had previously been named second best for remote working.

“As the world returns to travel, trips will look different than before. New destinations, new experiences, and new priorities will take center stage. Nearly three-quarters (70%) of travelers globally say that it’s important they ‘see new places’ when thinking about their future travel plans,” said Tripadvisor Group head of media partnerships APAC Sarah Mathews.”

Not only Dubai is on the list. Doha, Qatar’s capital, ranked 22nd. New Delhi (15th) and Jaipur (19th) are both Indian cities.

Why Dubai is considered the number 1 destination

Despite the pandemic’s effects, the city welcomed global visitors last year. The rules for entering the UAE in 2022 are extensive and vary depending on the nation of origin.

Applications for vaccinated visitors outside of Africa have been opened by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Largest, Tallest, Biggest. Dubai’s ultra-modern design distinguishes out in a traditionally conservative society.

With its soaring skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, and golden beaches, the city is a delight to behold and explore.

Since 2009, Dubai has had the world’s highest structure. The Burj Khalifa (Burj meaning tower) is a beautiful building. The tower is visible from the Dubai Mall’s sundown water, light, and sound display.

There are other factors that have contributed to Dubai’s popularity, including its high rate of COVID-19 immunization, tight adherence to preventative measures such as sanitation and social isolation, and its proximity to the United Arab Emirates’ flagship airline.

Book Dubai Activities

When you think of things to book in Dubai, you usually think of dune bashing. Although entertaining, there are many other activities to book in Dubai.

Dubai seeks progress, smart. Dubai

Previously inhabited by fishermen and pearl-divers, Dubai is now a city of varied cultures, an oil-based economy, and a city that focuses on boosting tourism and business.

Dubai International Airport’s capacity has reached 99%. On its interconnection network, 198 destinations have been covered by 89 national and foreign carriers operating their flights to more than 90 countries.

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