Dubai: The Sheikh Zayed Road neighborhood is one of the 28 places getting a new name.

Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road neighborhood has been renamed after the world’s highest structure — the Burj Khalifa. The recently 14-year-old, 830-meter structure looms over other well-known skyscrapers that line the busiest thoroughfare in the Emirate.

This is the most notable of the 28 name changes that the Dubai Land Department has listed.

There are a number of buildings containing apartments, offices, hotel rooms, and residences along the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The neighborhood is well-liked by investors, tenants, and visitors due to its close proximity to well-known landmarks and important places including Downtown, Business Bay, JLT, and Dubai Marina, among others, according to the real estate classifieds website Bayut.

The goal of the new street names is to honor the emirate’s history and uniqueness.

For instance, one of the most well-known tree species in the area is the name of Al Ghaf Street in Al Khawaneej 2.


Dubai neighborhoods: complete list of new names

Area Code Old Name New Name
284 Al Khawaneej Third Al Ttay
384 Al Medhmar Al Thanyah Second
321 Al Mina Madinat Dubai Al Melaheyah
383 Al Safouh Third Al Thanyah First
312 Al Suq Al Kabeer (Dubai) Al Souq Al Kabeer
531 Dubai Industrial City First Saih Shuaib 2
532 Dubai Industrial City Second Saih Shuaib 3
533 Dubai Industrial City Third Said Shuaib 4
393 Emirates Hills First Al Thanyah Fifth
388 Emirates Hills Second Al Thanyah Third
394 Emirates Hills Third Al Thanyah Fourth
412 Festival City Second Al Kheeran
683 Golf City Al Hebiah Fifth
599 Jabal Ali Industrial Jabal Ali Industrial First
591 Jebel Ali Village Jabal Ali First
681 Jumairah Village First Al Barsha South Fourth
684 Jumairah Village Second Al Barsha South Fifth
674 Motor City Al Hebiah First
664 Ranches Wadi Al Asafa 6
345 Sheikh Zayed Road Burj Khalifa
682 Sport City Al Hebiah Fourth
675 Sport City First Al Hebiah Second
911 UM NAHED 1 Madinat Hind 1
912 UM NAHED 2 Madinat Hind 2
913 UM NAHED 3 Madinat Hind 3
914 UM NAHED 4, Al Yufrah 2, Al Yufrah 3 Madinat Hind 4
340 Al Goze Second Ghadeer Al Tair
513 Esalel Madinat Latifa

The reason and date of the name modifications are not readily apparent. The DLD has been contacted by Khaleej Times to request a statement.

Recently, Dubai announced the introduction of a new road naming system. In the initial phase of the project, indigenous plants and flowers served as inspiration for the names of the roads in the Al Khawaneej 2 region. Al Ghaf Street bears the name of one of the most well-liked tree species in the area. Similar names were given to other nearby streets, including Al Sidr, Basil, Al Faggy, Al Samr, and Al Sharish.

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