Dubai roads flood as a result of persistent rain

The Emirati National Centre of Meteorology released a weather alert for numerous UAE towns. On Monday, Dubai saw floods and road blockages due to heavy rains.

Because the drainage systems could not handle the amount of rain, cars were left stranded in standing water.

The Emirati National Centre of Meteorology issued a weather warning for numerous UAE cities, and it was in effect until Tuesday at noon.

Mobile devices were utilized by Dubai Police to disseminate safety alerts, warning citizens to avoid valleys and beaches and to drive carefully.

Government ministries took safety precautions in reaction to the weather, which included pushing businesses and schools to transition to remote work and study.


Sheikh Zayed Road diversion removed after floods caused by heavy rain

On Tuesday, the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai recommended drivers take alternate routes when approaching the Jebel Ali section of the important transportation connection.

In a message posted on X at 6:22 a.m. on Tuesday, the authorities stated that “water accumulation” was the reason behind the road closure. The authority declared, “RTA’s teams are handling the situation to restore smooth traffic flow.”

In another statement issued just after 6 am on Wednesday, the RTA stated that traffic was “back to normal.”

After severe weather on Monday and Tuesday severely disrupted the road networks in Dubai and the other Emirates, traffic was flowing freely on Sheikh Zayed Road on Wednesday morning.

It was suggested that drivers leave Abu Dhabi via Seih Shuaib Street, which leads to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.
The Northern Emirates are still experiencing rainy weather, while bright days are predicted for Abu Dhabi and Dubai by the National Centre of Meteorology.

According to the meteorological center, Wednesday and Thursday will see highs of 27°C in Dubai and 26°C in Abu Dhabi. Fujairah is predicted to have additional rain on both days.

On Friday and Saturday, temperatures in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are expected to get close to 30°C, according to the NCM’s online weather map.

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