Dubai Police introduces AI Powered Vehicle to Monitor Criminal Activity and Visa Violators

Dubai Police introduces AI Powered Vehicle to Monitor Criminal Activity and Visa Violators

Dubai: Police will receive alerts about criminal activity and visa violations from a new AI-powered car.

Additionally, the vehicle would aid in apprehending individuals living in the nation illegally after overstaying their visas.

Thanks to the Dubai Police‘s embrace of innovation and artificial intelligence, Dubai is already one of the safest cities in the world and will only get safer for both locals and tourists.

Police are planning to introduce completely autonomous and AI-equipped cars that can scan license plates and faces and notify the authorities when necessary, making the city’s roadways and streets even safer.

The automobile will travel around the city’s community areas and use facial recognition and vehicle number plate scanning that is connected to the systems to notify the authorities about anyone who is wanted by the police and about cars that are not registered. Additionally, the car would aid in the capture of those who are living in the nation illegally after overstaying their visas.


The vehicle is displayed at the Dubai World Central venue at the Dubai Police booth during the ongoing Dubai Airshow 2023. On Friday, November 17, 2023, the Airshow will continue.

“The main function is surveillance and reconnaissance. It has facial and car number plate recognition technology with a 360-degree camera view. It has a motion detector, too. The AI-driven vehicles also alert the police in case of a suspicion and a certain number of police vehicles need to be deployed on a certain location or area,” said a senior official at the Dubai Police stand.

MO2 – AI Powered Vehicle in Dubai

The device, called MO2, was created in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with Micropolis Robotics and has a maximum 16-hour operating lifespan. The authority has been putting years of work into the vehicle and wants to ensure it performs to its best potential.

Although the official would not provide a timeframe, he did state that it will launch “soon.”

“We are looking at the right places to deploy these vehicles… This will revolutionize the patrolling system,” he said.

How this MO2 AI Powered Vehicle will report to the Police if it has any suspects?

This vehicle has the feature of advanced camera that captures in 360 degree and is equipped with direct communication technologies which can be able to report in real time with the Dubai Police command and control center at the Operations department. In addition, it has onboard drone, each wheel has an independent steering, braking and throttle mechanism.

What is the speed of MO2 Vehicle?

  • The vehicle’s battery comes up to 15 hours and it can travel up to 5 to 7 km per hour

Source: Dubai Police

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