Dubai Gold Rate – Today’s price of 24,22,21 & 18 Carat Gold

Dubai Gold Rate – Today’s price of 24,22,21 & 18 Carat Gold

Updated on 29th March 2020

Retail Gold Rate in Dubai today

CaratGold Rate in AED (per gram)

Gold Price in Dubai is fixed every day, by the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group, based on the London Gold Market. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development displays the current gold price in digital notice boards at prominent gold trading locations including Gold Souq and Gold & Diamond Park.

Recent Dubai Gold Price Trends (per gram)

29th March 2020197.25185.25176.75151.5
28th March 2020197.25185.25176.75151.5
27th March 2020197185176.5151.25
26th March 2020193.5181.75173.5148.75
25th March 2020194.25182.5174.25149.25
24th March 2020185.25174166142.25
23rd March 2020181170162.25139
22nd March 2020181.5170.5162.75139.5
21st March 2020181.5170.5162.75139.5
20th March 2020180169161.25138.25
19th March 2020180.75169.75162138.75
18th March 2020185.25174166142.25
17th March 2020177.25166.5159136.25
16th March 2020187.75176.25168.25144.25
15th March 2020185.25174166.25142.5
14th March 2020185.25174.00166.25142.5
13th March 2020191.25179.75171.5147
12th March 2020198.25186.25177.75152.25
11th March 2020200.5188.25179.75154
10th March 2020201.75189.5181155
09th March 2020202189.75181155.25
08th March 2020202.75190.5181.75155.75
07th March 2020202.75190.5181.75155.75
06th March 2020203.25191182.25156.25
05th March 2020198.5186.5178152.5
04th March 2020199187178.5153
03rd March 2020193.75182173.5148.75
02nd March 2020192.25180.5172.25147.5
01st March 2020192.25180.5172.25147.5
29th February 2020192.25180.5172.25147.5
28th February 2020199.5187.5178.75153.25

There are multiple price components while buying gold at a jewellery shop.Buying Gold in Dubai : Gold buying tips

    • Actual gold weight.
      • The weight of the jewellery is usually calculated including the weight of gem stones. The gem stones are generally considered as low valued, compared to the gold.
    • Making charges for the gold jewellery
      • Making charges are fixed as a % of the weight of the gold and added to the price of the jewellery. Intricate designs are usually priced at a higher % than simpler designs.
  • It is advisable to invest in Gold coins or bars if the purpose of buying gold is only for investment since gold coins and gold bars are usually charged nil making charges and do not contain any worthless gem stones
  • Every jewellery shop, including the large ones always provide a discount. Always haggle on the making charges % and reduce it as much as possible.
  • Find out if the shops have a reward program and capitalize on any cash back that they provide as part of the rewards programs

Gold Carats explained

A carat is 1/24 part of pure gold by weight

  • 24 carat = pure gold
  • 22 carat = 22 parts pure gold, 2 parts other metals
  • 21 carat = 21 parts pure gold, 3 parts other metals
  • 18 carat = 18 parts pure gold, 6 parts other metals

How is International Gold Price Calculated?

The international gold price is set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). It is determined by auctions that takes place twice a day. The participants of the LBMA are Bank of China, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Scotia-Mocatta , Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, and UBS.

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