Doctors’ orders prompt Pope Francis to cancel his COP28 trip to Dubai.

Doctors’ orders prompt Pope Francis to cancel his COP28 trip to Dubai.

According to a statement from the Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni, the doctors have asked the Pope not to go on the trip to Dubai that is scheduled for the coming days.

“Although the Holy Father’s general clinical picture has improved with regard to his flu-like condition and inflammation of the respiratory tract, doctors have asked the Pope not to make the trip planned for the coming days to Dubai”, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said in a statement.

The pope has a few additional appointments this week that haven’t been canceled in addition to his weekly public audience on Wednesday morning.

“Pope Francis accepted the doctors’ request with great regret and the trip is therefore cancelled,” the statement continued. “While the willingness of the Pope and the Holy See to be part of the discussions taking place in the coming days remains, the modalities by which this can be made concrete will be defined as soon as possible.”

He planned to depart on Friday, deliver a speech on Saturday, and then travel back to Rome on Sunday afternoon. The Vatican said on November 25 that Francis had visited the hospital for a “checkup” subsequent to contracting the flu.


On Monday, Bruni said the pope had receive a CT scan, which ruled out pneumonia, but showed lung inflammation “causing breathing difficulties.”

The Pontifical committee for the care of minors and a group of French victims of clerical abuse met with Francis, 86, at his Santa Marta residence on Tuesday morning. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, he also met with Spanish bishops.

Bruni had earlier on Tuesday indicated Pope Francis was doing “quite well” and gave the itinerary for his visit to COP 28. He added that thirty “brief” encounters were arranged between heads of state and other government leaders and the pope.

According to Bruni, he was also scheduled to give a speech in Spanish at the conference and at the opening of the Faith Pavilion.

The pope was supposed to make his 45th overseas trip.


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