Cheque bounce fine in Dubai / UAE

Cheque bounce fine in Dubai / UAE

Due to unfortunate circumstances, if a person’s issued cheque bounces, according to UAE law introduced in December 2017, a fine is levied without court proceedings.

Bounced cheques worth Dh1 to Dh50,000: Dh2,000

Bounced cheques worth Dh50,000 to Dh100,000: Dh5,000

Bounced cheques worth Dh100,000 to Dh200,000: Dh10,000


This fine amount can be paid directly at the Dubai Smart police station kiosks or directly through the smartphone apps of Dubai Police.


Paying the fine absolved the person of the criminal liability in the legal system. However, the complainant can still approach a civil court to get their dues back. Typically, complainants will go to court if the cheque value is more than 30-50,000, as conducting a civil case will require a minimum of such amount to pay the legal fee and court fee.

Cheques above 2,00,000 will still be processed through the court.

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