Cheap places to eat in Dubai

Cheap places to eat in Dubai

List of cheap places to eat in Dubai

Dubai, a multicultural metropolis on the Persian Gulf, offers a unique cultural experience. The tourists are greeted by the old and the futuristicUnited Arab Emirates’ cultural pastichein Dubai. On one hand you will find global cuisine in international restaurants while on the other, you can taste the best Arabic street food. Pakistani cuisine, Peshwari recipe, Lebanese food, authentic India curry, Thai flavors and Egyptian and Ethiopian dishes are easily available in cheap cafés and restaurants in and around Dubai.

What a better way to experience the local culture, than tasting the local cuisine.If you want to try the traditional Emirati food, check Al Fanar Restaurant & Café at Dubai Festival City Mall and Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Bur Dubai. The prices are reasonable and you can taste the Emirati’s food that are cooked at homes




Dubai’s original downtown, Deira, is lined with Iraqi kebab joints, Yemeni Mandi outlets, Persian eateries and Lebanese bakeries. These shops are opened till the wee hours and you can pick rich mutton Peshawari kadai curry with flaky parathas. Savor tangy lamb shawarma at the Syrian restaurant Aroos Damascus located at the corner of Al Muraqqabat Road and Al Jazira Street and rich mutton Peshawari kadai curry at Pakistani favorite Karachi Darbar. Not to forget the legendary mansaf, a Bedouin rice dish of lamb cooked in yogurt, at the Jordanian-Palestinian institution Qwaider Al Nabulsi.

Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is a food-haven for street-food enthusiasts. If you are a lover of Indian cuisine, you can find array of dishes from Mughlai to Hyderabadi including Iranian kebabs. Satwa, located near Sheikh Zayed Road’s, hosts late-night eaters. You can check the best Middle Eastern street food, shawarma or a “gourmet” chicken wrap for under 18 AED.

AL Ustad Special Kabab

AL Ustad Special Kabab, is a little Dubai gem. It is an Iranian restaurant retailing their unique selection of kebabs. Their succulent kebabs are a magnet for street-food enthusiasts throughout Dubai’s history.


Located near Za’abeel Park, it has the Dubai’s cheapest eats from Filipino to Parsi food. You can find the famous deep-fried snacks of India. Join the queue at Chaat Bazaar Karama and order for hot vada pav (mashed potato patties) and bhaji (vegetable fritters).

Arabic Bakeries

For sweets, check the honey-soaked baklava and crunchy borma at Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, one of Dubai’s ubiquitous Arabic bakeries. The bakery in Karama, has a big assortment of sweets varying from honey-soaked baklava and crunchy borma to sticky namoura, awama, ma’amoul and barazek; all for as little as 3.67 AED a piece.

Dubai boasts the highest restaurant in the world at 1,450 feet inside Burj Khalifa. From street- side cuisine of Zaroob and legendary Ravi’s, you can find every cuisine from freshly prepared Sri Lankan to world class Italian food, all in one place, Dubai.

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