Big Bad Wolf Books Sale – World’s Biggest Book Sale to be Held in Dubai

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale – World’s Biggest Book Sale to be Held in Dubai

The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale, the world’s biggest book sale, will debut in Dubai and this thriller has all the makings of an instant classic. Popularly known as the world’s BIGGEST book sale, with a remarkable 75% – 95% discount off retail prices for all books of different genres, the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Dubai will house books for readers from all walks of life.

Event Details of Big Bad Wolf Books Sale in Dubai

The first-ever Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Dubai, held in collaboration with Dubai Production City will run at Dubai Studio City soundstages 2 and 3. For its Dubai debut, it has partnered with Mohammad Bin Rashid Foundation (MBRF), the National Media Council (NMC), Dubai Production City, and Careem.
Date – 18th Oct – 28th Oct
Time – Open 24hrs a day
Venue – Dubai Studio City (soundstages 2 and 3)

BBW Books Promote a Reading Culture

Apart from the business point of view, the goal of Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is to encourage non-readers to read. As affordable prices of books lure non-readers to go into reading, Big Bad Wolf offers remaindered books of all genres at heavy discounted rates. It inculcates the reading culture in people of all ages. In this way BBW not only compliments the book industry but also creates a market to convert a non-reader to a reader.

Fairs Held so far:

Sri Lanka


Founders of Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is a Malaysian book fair often held in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. The books were primarily taken from the stocks of BookXcess, a book store dealing in excess or remaindered books from international distributors. The Book Sale was the invention of BookXcess founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng. BookXcess co-founder and executive director Jacqueline Ng, established the company Big Bad Wolf in 2006 “to help Malaysians kick-start their reading habit.”

First Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

The first Big Bad Wolf Book Sale was held three years later in 2009 at Dataran Hamodal, Petaling Jaya, with the plan of bringing a vast array of books, at cheap prices, closer to Malaysians. The first book sale presented a stock of 160,000 books and about 90 – 95 per cent of the stock was sold. BBW was a hit. Since then, the Big Bad Wolf has been travelling to other countries in South East Asia.
The next year, Big Bad Wolf increased the amount of books to 235,000, and every year, they increased the amount of books at the sale. In 2011, the number of books reached 1.5 million and still 90 per cent of the books were sold at Big Bad Wolf.

Discounted Prices of Books at Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

The books at Big Bad Wolf are remaindered, so they are priced much lower than those in regular bookstores. Generally, publishers printed a hundred thousand books and sold about 70-80 percent. The remaining 20 percent books were offered to Big Bad Wolf at discounted rates. These remaindered books were launched about six months or one year ago. So in the upcoming book sale all books will be offered at discounts of 50-80 per cent below recommended retail prices.

Genre Of Books in Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

The book fair sells all kind of books genres varying from fiction, non-fiction, literature, children’s literature, novels and young adult fiction. It also sells merchandise including posters and collectible books, wallpapers, movie posters, tin-plated signs and many more.

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  1. Eagerly awaiting this book sale, considering how overpriced books really are in Dubai in shops like Borders. Hope I could find good deal on science fiction books in the event. Hope there won’t be any fee to attend.

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