Al Warqa’a, Desert Group Building 5 Bus Stop in Dubai

Al Warqa’a, Desert Group Building 5 Bus Stop in Dubai

Address:  Al Warqa 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Map: View Google direction here.

Bus Route  Bus Station Timings
F10 Al Warqa 10:06 AM
F10 Al Warqa 10:34 AM
F10 Al Warqa 10:54 AM
F10 Al Warqa 11:14 AM
F10 Al Warqa 11:34 AM
F10 Al Warqa 11:54 AM
F10 Al Warqa 12:13 PM
F10 Al Warqa 12:33 PM
F10 Al Warqa 12:55 PM
F10 Al Warqa 1:15 PM
F10 Al Warqa 1:34 PM
F10 Al Warqa 1:52 PM
F10 Al Warqa 2:19 PM
F10 Al Warqa 2:54 PM
F10 Al Warqa 3:20 PM
F10 Al Warqa 3:44 PM
F10 Al Warqa 4:14 PM
F10 Al Warqa 4:44 PM
F10 Al Warqa 5:14 PM
F10 Al Warqa 5:44 PM
F10 Al Warqa 6:14 PM
F10 Al Warqa 6:44 PM
F10 Al Warqa 7:12 PM
F10 Al Warqa 7:44 PM
F10 Al Warqa 8:14 PM

Nearby Cafeteria

  • Salty Sugar Cafe  Cafeteria
  • Grow Healthy Food
  • Falafel Al Balad Restaurant
  • Hardee’s Warqa Restaurant
  • Pizza Hut Restaurant

Nearby Landmarks 

  • Dawood 1 Building
  • Al Duwais Building
  • MKM Building
  • Fitness Terminal Men’s Gym
  • Dulf Tower 2

Nearby Shopping Centre

  • Sun Towers Shopping Mall
  • Magic Lain Shopping Mall
  • Qaser Al kabayel Shopping Mall
  • Q1 Mall,Al Warqa Shopping Mall
  • Khyber Mart Shopping Mall

Nearby Healthcare

  • Regency Home Health Care Centre LLC
  • Ibn Sina Centre for Health
  • Reliance Healthcare

Nearby Pharmacy

  • Aster Pharmacy 120
  • Adams Pharmacy Warqa
  • Life Pharmacy
  • HealthHub Pharmacy Al Warqa
  • Medilux Pharmacy

Nearby Accommotation

  • Fortune Classic Hotel Apartments

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