Al Barsha South 1, Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing B 1 Bus Stop in Dubai

Al Barsha South 1, Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing  B  1  Bus Stop in Dubai

Address : Al Barsha Al Barsha South – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Bus Route Bus Station Timings
F36 Arjan 5:32 PM
F36 Arjan 6:02 PM
F36 Arjan 6:32 PM
F36 Arjan 7:02 PM
F36 Arjan 7:32 PM
F36 Arjan 8:02 PM
F36 Arjan 8:31 PM
F36 Arjan 9:01 PM
F36 Arjan 9:31 PM
F36 Arjan 10:01 PM
F36 Arjan 10:34 PM
F36 Arjan 11:04 PM
F36 Arjan 11:37 PM
F36 Arjan 12:09 AM
F36 Arjan 6:01 AM
F36 Arjan 6:31 AM
F36 Arjan 7:01 AM
F36 Arjan 7:32 AM
F36 Arjan 8:02 AM
F36 Arjan 8:32 AM
F36 Arjan 9:02 AM
F36 Arjan 9:32 AM
F36 Arjan 10:02 AM
F36 Arjan 10:32 AM
F36 Arjan 11:02 AM

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Nearby Restaurants

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  • Mc Donald’s Restaurant
  • Zest Restaurant LLC
  • Grill Master Restaurant

Nearby Landmarks

  • 4U Bakery
  • ENOC Petrol Bunk
  • Maple 1
  • Yellow Villa
  • The Barsha Basement

Nearby Shopping Centre

  • Dubai Hills Mall Parking Shopping Mall
  • MRHE Commercial Centre Shopping Mall

Nearby Healthcare

  • Genesis Healthcare Centre
  • SAVIVO Healthcare

Nearby Pharmacy

  • Aster Pharmacy 128
  • Aster Pharmacy 114
  • Health First Pharmacy
  • Binsina Pharmacy
  • Thumbay Pharmacy

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