A Dubai family wants to provide half a million iftar dinners this Ramadan with 16,000 food packs and 200 helpers.

A vehicle loaded with hot meals, water, fruits, laban, and dates travels to DIP, Sajja, Tecom, and Al Quoz to provide iftar to the residents of these communities. It’s part of a Dubai family’s mission to feed neighbors who can’t afford good food or don’t know how to cook.

Preparing such a massive amount of food is no easy task. The preparation for the iftar meal begins early in the morning with the procurement of meat, rice, and other raw materials.

The ingredients are delivered to various kitchens in Dubai and Ajman, where chefs begin their preparations around 7 a.m. They must prepare 7,500 kg of mutton or chicken pulao, which must then be packaged in over 16,000 aluminum food packets and shipped to various locations.

In addition to the main meal, 16,000 water bottles, laban, 4,000 kg of fruits, and 200 kg of dates are delivered on a regular basis.

Happyhappyuae Drive, an effort led by Malawian brothers Imaran Karim and Mohammed Karim and their family members, is responsible for this lavish iftar. They worked with Model Service Society, a charity organization located in the UAE, on the Iftar program.


Former boxing champion Amir Khan is one of many volunteers who donate their time to this cause.

“This is a great effort by the Malawi brothers. The distribution of these food packets and breaking fast with them is a great feeling and boosts us to work more for people who are not privileged. May Allah accept our good deeds,” said the former champion.

“By the end of this Ramadan, we are targeting to distribute over half a million meals,” said Imran Karim, highlighting that Ramadan is a time when people all over the UAE come together to serve and give back to the community.

The Happyhappyuae Drive is primarily concerned with providing meals to folks who are unable to cook or purchase nutritious food during Ramadan.“The meals are distributed where there is a large concentration of people like labor camps, mosques, and other such places,” said Imran Karim.

Over 200 volunteers labor nonstop to guarantee that everyone receives a nutritious and satisfying dinner. “At times, there are disagreements with guests. I explain to our volunteers that Allah feeds us daily by elevating us and not ridiculing us. These beneficiaries are the guests of Allah and have higher status,” explained Mohammed Karim.

During the iftar meal distribution period, thousands of residents line up. They must acquire a variety of goods from several stations.“Our guests get the hot meal first, then dates, laban, fruits, and a bottle of water. The queue keeps on moving continuously and this allows us to cater to thousands of people in just an hour and a half,” said Imran Karim.

The Ramadan drive’s influence has expanded enormously over time. It now feeds approximately 500,000 people in Ramadan alone, not including the other 11 months of the year when food, water, and laban are delivered throughout Dubai on a daily basis, with at least 3,000 people benefiting from it.

“The drive has become an integral part of our Ramadan experience, with people from all walks of life coming together to make a difference in the lives of those in need,” said Imran Karim.

New volunteers are welcome to join the initiative. “We are not looking for financial contributions. The best gift they can give us is their valuable time,” said Imran.

“It’s all about giving back to humanity.”

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