50th UAE National Day 2021

50th UAE National Day 2021

What is a national day in UAE?

Every year on the 2nd of December, the United Arab Emirates commemorates the founding of the country. On February 10, 1972, the seventh emirate, Ras al Khaimah, was admitted to the federation, making it the final emirate(state) to join.

Why it is celebrated?

The UAE National Day commemorates the 1968 declaration of the British Protectorate Treaties, as well as the federal unification of the six emirates (seven in 1972 after Ras Al Khaimah joined) in 1971, and which is merged to form the modern-day country, led by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the federation’s first president.

It celebrates an extraordinary 50-year journey while also preparing for the revolutionary shift that lies ahead in the next 50.

What is the theme of the 50th UAE national day?

Spirit of the Union 50th year

The 2nd of December is UAE National Day and is celebrated like a big event, which commemorates the UAE’s formal nationalization and the beginning of the federal union of the emirates in 1971.


The official theme of the UAE’s National Day celebrations is “Spirit of the Union,” which means connecting the accomplishments and the company’s successes. It is based on the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s vision and leadership as the UAE’s Founder President. The concept is complemented by a logo that features a silhouette of the iconic image of the UAE’s Founding Fathers’ first meeting on December 2, 1971.

Where can you see the UAE national day Parade?

Al Hisn Island invites people to join in celebrating the UAE’s 50th National Day with a march from the city center to the UAE flagpole on the island. There will also be a 50th-anniversary operetta and musical acts on the schedule.

Where Fireworks will be held?

1. Kalba Corniche Park’s

The Classic Car and Bike Show at Kalba Corniche Park are now open to the public, and it will be followed by dazzling fireworks. In honor of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, the event will also feature Emirati folk songs and music. The event will also feature a unique operetta commemorating the previous 50 years as well as the next 50. Shurooq Sharjah’s photo.

Date / Time: FRIDAY, NOV 26, 2021: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: KALBA –  SHARJAH

Kalba Corniche Park’s

2. The Emirate of Fujairah

Family activities, fireworks, military marches, cavalry exhibitions, heritage shows, and special events for schools are among the festivities planned for the 50th UAE National Day in Fujairah. Additionally, there are numerous nighttime programs featuring poetry and music. The celebrations will continue to different areas including: Dibba Al Fujairah, Al-Tuwaiyin, Masafi, Habab, Al-Bidiyah, Al-Taybeh, Wadi Al-Sijr, Al-Siji, Ehefra, Wam, Al-Halla, Al-Haniyah, and Qidfa and Murbah.

Date / Time: WED, DEC 01 – FRI, DEC 03:  9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Location: FUJAIRAH

Emirate of Fujairah

3.  Al Ain City

Celebrate the UAE’s 50th National Day with a stunning fireworks display in Jabal Hafeet and The Green Mubazzarah.

Date / Time: THU, DEC 02: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Location: AL AIN –  ABU DHABI

Al Ain City

When is the Holiday Of UAE National Day?

There will be long weekend from December 1st to 4th.

  • 1 December: Commemoration Day
  • 2  & 3 December: UAE National Day

UAE national day 2021 discounts

Several domestic carriers have offered flight ticket discounts for a limited number of locations.

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What’s so special about this 50th UAE national day?

The 50th UAE National Day Celebrations will feature a floating theatrical experience that will showcase the deep links that exist between people, nature, and technology.

The festival, which will be held in Hatta Dam and flanked by the Hajar Mountains, will highlight the UAE’s past, present, and future via magnificent creative and artistic storytelling. From December 4th through December 12th, 2021, the show will be open to the public for nine days.


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