2.0 – Rajinikanth Movie Review

2.0 – Rajinikanth Movie Review

Rajinikanth’s film 2.0 is being helmed as one of the most expensive films ever made in the history of cinema. The film marks the return of the robot named Chitti from the 2010 film Enthiran. While we can agree that Rajinikanth’s 2.0 is visually grand and more ambitious than its prequel, Enthiran, the former was certainly more entertaining. But because the storytelling is, well, robotic, the frenetic action sequences in this sequel rarely touch the heights that the flying mobiles achieve. So is 2.0 double the fun? Naah. All the groaning and clanking of metal, and 3D computer graphic imagery flying about is just not enough to make it compelling viewing. Rajinikanth, Akshay can’t save this movie!

Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Director: S Shankar

Rating: 2 Stars (Out of 5)


Shankar’s mega-budget movie has garnered unanimous positive reviews. Although the story line is not strong as his usual films, the grand visuals and strong performances make the viewers ignore the drawbacks

Storyline of 2.0

Southern superstar Rajinikanth is out to save the civilians of Chennai in his latest sci-fi spectacle, 2.0, directed by S Shankar. The film revolves around a disillusioned ornithologist PakshiRajan (Akshay Kumar) who goes rogue and unleashes a terrible technological warfare against the civilians of Chennai. The activist screams about how birds are falling prey to radiation from the towers erected by unscrupulous mobile network providers. When no one listens, PakshiRajan turns into a beastly bird with superpowers and goes about destroying people with an unhealthy dependence to their mobile phones. Towers are uprooted and crushed. Handsets fly off the hands of their owners and turn into a destructive wave. A city is in the grip of complete mayhem. In the second half, the good scientist Dr Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) gears up to save the day with the help of his humanoid creation Chitti. He has a buxom robotic assistant Nila (Amy Jackson) whose job is to make Dr Vaseegaran’s life simpler. Jackson looks fantastically fetching, but doesn’t have much to do. The heavy-lifting is done by ‘superstar Rajini’ who plays the humane scientist and his robotic alter-ego Chitti.

Highlights of 2.0

Positives                                  Negatives

VFX                                                         Lack of Comedy
Rajinikanth                                            Weak Storyline
Akshay Kumar                                       Lack of Punch Dialogues
Climax fight

So, is the most expensive Indian film ever mounted worth all the money that has been sunk into it? Given the big budget Shanker had at his disposal, he seemed to have overindulged in the VFX to a point where you just wanted it to wrap up. There are some oh-wow moments, but on the whole, the film is not worth all the sound and fury.

Will there be a 3.0? Give that a thought while you deposit my 3D glasses by the door.

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