#11 Best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai, UAE: Why it is best, Reviews?

Where to get the best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

There are many of the best Sushi Restaurants in Dubai, UAE; here are the #11 best pest control services in Abu Dhabi:

1.  YO! Sushi Dubai Mall

Specialty: Delicious sushi, sashimi, Japanese street cuisine, and desserts are all available at this authentic Japanese restaurant.

Reviews: Around 2,595 reviews

Service:  Good, Customer Friendly, professional.


Location: Unit LG – 116 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

2. Miyabi Sushi Media City

Specialty: offering a fantastic range of flavors, a varied menu, informal yet polished service, and a deliberate focus on environmentally friendly methods.

Reviews: Around  1,159 reviews

Service: warm & pleasant attitude of staff, good food.

Location: Business Central Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

3. Sushi

Specialty: A sushi restaurant specializing in sushi rolls and other Japanese fare will entice your senses as you savor the subtleties of umami.

Reviews: Around  64 reviews

Service: Cozy and relaxed ambience, Prices are affordable. Service is superb.

Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre – Sheikh Rashid Rd – Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

4. Minato Japanese Restaurant

Specialty: Minato’s genuine Japanese cuisine and warm hospitality have made it the area’s top choice for Japanese dining for more than ten years.

Reviews: Around  1049 reviews

Service: The food and ambiance are good, staff is polite.

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Creek Al Makhtoum Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

5. 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Dubai

Specialty: First-rate service, fine cuisine, sophisticated décor. In the center of Dubai, 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant is a chic Japanese concept with exquisite food and ambiance.

Reviews: Around  225 reviews

Service: Food is nice, super delicious!

Location: Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

6. Mori Sushi

Specialty: Sushi has given Dubai’s culinary enthusiasts access to a wide range of mouthwateringly inventive ideas.

Reviews: Around  460 reviews

Service: The best service and staff are good.

Location: Boulevard Plaza Tower 2، Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

7. Itsu Modern Japanese Restaurant, Dubai Marina

Specialty: With our exclusive Japanese menu and service, Itsu Modern Japanese Restaurant invites you to enjoy a distinctive and reasonably priced eating experience.

Reviews: Around  633 reviews

Service: best service, best flavours, price is affordable.

Location:  Marina Walk – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

8. Shokuji Sushi

Specialty: provide delivery services of Japanese dishes.

Reviews: Around  94 reviews

Service: delicious, and love the Spicy beef ramen.

Location: Kitchen Park, Unit R1+R2+R3, CONTROL TOWER – 205 Second Floor – Motor City – Dubai

9. Yugo Sushi Greens

Specialty: Our chefs have taken the classic Japanese recipes and given them a personal touch, resulting in a fusion that leaves you wondering, rather than contradicting the traditional flavor and taste we adore.

Reviews: Around  910 reviews

Service: Fascinating staff and delicious food.

Location: G 02A Bldg. # 4, Emaar Business Park PO 391935 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

10. UCCI Sushi

Specialty: At UCCI Sushi, we provide you with a genuine Japanese experience while taking you on a gastronomic voyage. We take great pleasure in producing some of the best sushi in the United Arab Emirates.

Reviews: Around  737  reviews

Service: Fresh food and nice staff.

Location: Auris Inn Al Muhanna, Heights – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

11. Hako Sushi

Specialty: A large selection of sushi, sashimi, uramaki, maki rolls, temakis, and appetizers are available at Hako Sushi.

Reviews: Around  366  reviews

Service: Good quality and best flavor.

Location: Auris Inn Al Muhanna, Heights – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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