10 Fascinating Facts About Dubai Mall

10 Fascinating Facts About Dubai Mall

As the world’s largest destination for shopping, entertainment and leisure, the Dubai Mall has much glory and accolades. Surrounded with top-notch luxury brands, shopaholics will be in heaven. But if you even have the faintest interest in retail, this is still an absolute must. It’s like a compact, non-gambling version of Las Vegas for families and all in air-conditioned comfort away from the scorching heat. For kids, it is a one-stop wonderland. If you are thinking of travelling to UAE, even just for a stopover, this is certainly the right place to hit.

When The Dubai Mall opened on May 8th, 2009 with 635 retailers, it made it the largest mall opening in retail history. It was part of Emaar’s flagship mega-project, the 73-billion dirham ($20 billion) downtown Burj Dubai, billed as the world’s most prestigious square kilometer, the centerpiece of which is the Burj Dubai tower. Following its opening, the mall sold a whopping 61000 tickets for Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center in the first five days.

You might think that Dubai Mall is just an ordinary shopping centre. However, it is full of fascinating surprises. Here are 10 facts about the mall and probably the reason it sees 75 million visitors per year:

1 World’s Largest Mall

It is the largest mall in the world by total area at 1,124,000 square meters. In other words, it is equivalent to 50 football pitches! The mall has a 250-room luxury hotel, 120 restaurants, a parking facility that houses 14,000 cars and 1200 stores open in Dubai Mall and that doesn’t include the pop up ones!

2. World Record and Awards

The mall attracted more visitors (65 million) than New York City’s 52 million, and Los Angeles’ 41 million in 2012. Till date, Dubai Mall gets around 75 million visitors every year. It also bagged the mall with the best shopping experience overall at the prestigious Grazia Style Awards in the year 2010.

3. World’s Largest Indoor Aquarium – Dubai Aquarium

Inside the mall, its ground level is home to the Dubai Aquarium, which houses the world’s largest acrylic panel. The panel is 108 feet wide, 27 feet high and 29.5 inches thick. It weighs 541, 486 pounds. The acrylic panel made it to the Guiness Book of World Records. The aquarium is also the world’s largest indoor aquarium with over 33,000 aquatic animals. Activities in this aquarium includes underwater cage snorkeling, a 48 meter walk-through which would provide you 270 degree views, a glass bottom boat ride which provides unique views of the water tank beneath their feet and a shark dive for the adventurous ones which will let you swim within inches of a large variety of sharks and rays.


4. Dubai Fountain

The world’s largest choreographed fountain can be viewed from Dubai Mall. It is home to Dubai Fountain, which is set on 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake. Choreographed to music, the Dubai Fountain shoots water as high as 500 feet –that’s as high as a 50-story building. This is also where you can access the viewing platform at the top of the enormous Burj Khalifa.

5. Dubai Mall Waterfall

Dubai Mall won’t stop surprising you with lots of things to do. There’s one installation art that impressed visitors the most—the Dubai Mall Waterfall where silver-colored sculptures of divers complement the cascading, gentle flow of the waterfall itself. It’s an illusion waterfall. There are statues that are diving from the waterfall and if you stare at one, the others disappear! Grab a seat at a nearby cafe opposite the waterfalls and enjoy the spectacle.

6. Theme Park – Sega Republic

Sega Republic, the high adrenaline indoor theme park spreads across 76,000 sqft. You can experience more than 170 Sega games in one house here and there are plenty of high adrenaline rides!

7. Olympic Size Skating Rink

There is an Olympic size ice rink in the mall that has a 1.5 inch ice bed, twice the thickness of an NHL ice rink. It is located on the ground floor but extends to the second floor. Whether you want to play ice hockey, perfect your skating skills or just hang out with friends, Dubai ice rink is just the right place. It conducts Disco sessions, Penguin pals, and Freestyle sessions. The Dubai Ice Rink also hosts Emirates Hockey League games.

8. Reel Cinemas – Largest Cineplex in the UAE

The flagship 22-screen Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall offers a movie screening experience that is so surreal that you may want to pinch yourself. With a concierge service to maximize all your in-house viewing at the Reel Cinemas, this movie watching experience is something you will never forget.

9. World’s Largest Candy Store

For all the sweet lovers and candy crushers, this is almost like all your sugar loaded dreams come true! The world’s largest candy store, Candylicious, was opened in Dubai Mall in 2009 and spans over 10,000 square feet.

10 Giant 155 Million Year Old Dinosaur

Taking center stage in Dubai’s flagship shopping and entertainment center, the Dubai Dino is a one-of-a-kind display that would give you a sneak peek of the gigantic creatures of the prehistoric era. Measuring over seven meters high and 24 meters long, this towering and intriguing exhibit is a genuine fossil of a Diplodocus longus, a long-necked, whip-like tail sauropod that roamed the face of the earth more than 150 million years ago.

Facilities at Dubai Mall

  • Eight guest service desks for queries of customers
  • Mobile charging stations and ATM
  • Concierge Lounge (porter and lockers)
  • Free WiFi
  • Porter and Delivery service
  • Emaar gift cards
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • Dubai Mall App
  • Emirates Post letterbox
  • Sleep Pods Lounge
  • Kiddie carts and Baby strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Baby changing rooms and Prayer rooms
  • Specific taxi stands, all clearly signposted
  • Over 14,000 parking spaces across 3 car parks, with valet services and a car locator ticketing system

Dubai Mall Ph – 800 38224 6255

Dubai Mall Timings – Monday-Sunday 10:00 AM -12:00 AM

Official Site – https://thedubaimall.com/

Dubai Mall Location –


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